December 16th, 2010


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  1. Bwee says:

    Oh goodness, do I get the first comment? *hope*

    Ah, so Boneclaw Mama DOES meet the Hag. Poor Hag. If she comes back in I suspect Digger is going to get an earful or two!

  2. Meteorfire says:

    Hee. I would have loved to witness THAT little encounter.

    Gee, Boneclaw Mother seems pretty blase about Ed’s death. I certainly hope she or Grimeyes are at least slightly upset by his heroic demise…

  3. WrenTruesong says:

    Heh. They were both right, I’m sure. And the Hag’s young yet, Mother; you know how children are.

  4. Korlee says:

    Oh… Boneclaw Mother! You wonderful person you!

  5. Robin Bobcat says:

    Heh… The fact that Digger *slept through* the epic confrontation of BCM and the Hag tells you just how tired she really was.

  6. jaynee says:

    I like “spit and spackle”. Reminds me of the “pigshit and gooligum” rejoinder my granny had for the “what’s for dinner” question. Mind you, I’m remembering that another answer to that question was “wombat on toast” :\

  7. Quizt says:

    Well, jaynee, since the wombat WAS feeling like toast previously, I’m not sure that’s altogether inappropriate.

  8. slywlf says:

    Poor Digger – now she has BCM waiting to fill her in on what she missed……

    Vote – we’re at 17!!!


  9. Inlaid says:

    Meteorfire: In terms of what we’ve seen since since Digger told everyone that Ed was dead there’s actually only been one panel with any of the other hyena’s in it so we don’t really have a way of gauging their emotional response.

  10. Otookee says:

    Hyenas have spackle?

  11. Allessindra says:

    Otookie — no, but the villagers do.
    jaynee — when my eldest was in the ‘ask everything’ phase, one of her favorites was, of course, ‘what’s for dinner?’ We didn’t realize how ubiquitous my husband’s answer of ‘walrus souffle’ was until we had to pull out a dictionary to convince her that walrus’ really existed. (facepalm)

    If Boneclaw Mother is too cheerful she’s going to get growled at….

  12. wombat32 says:

    Bossy Human Female? That can only mean the Hag will return. Life is good.

  13. Barry says:

    I think Ursula has been following the comments again. There was too much anticipation of a Hag/BCM meeting for her to pass up!

  14. wombat32 says:

    I just cast my vote here at work, and Digger is pretty solidly at #17, but there’s about 300 votes to catch #16. I think it’s time for Ursula to start plugging her strip in Livejournal, so she can crack the top 10. It seems that once a strip hits the top ten, it has a tendency to stay there.

  15. perfesserbear says:

    Wait! What? I missed the Hag / Boneclaw Mother confrontation?

    Oh, bother.

    In other news, let me say it first — Naked Wombat! Of course, being a Marsupial, nothing for the Phan Bois to print or re-post.


  16. Hunter says:

    Oh, the Hag.

  17. The_Rippy_One says:

    Darn it all…I wanted to be first to comment on the hot naked wombat. *looks at the expanse of featureless white that is digger’s body* exceedingly hot naked wombat.

    Hide your men! And lesbians! Their baser instincts will run wild if you don’t. And not even all the oceans in all the world could provide enough of a cold shower to cool their ardor!

    (Digger, destroyer of worlds and corruptor of society? also, did you know that corruptor can be spelled with either an “-or” or an “-er?” Just looked it up in Websters…)

    On a less perverse note – I like this interaction, and I would have loved to see the Hag and BCM spar verbally. I wonder if the Thing was used…

  18. TekServer says:

    Ha! Totally called it. I knew that the only issue that would put Boneclaw Mother and the Hag on opposing sides would be Digger’s health …

    On an unrelated (mostly) note – second panel: facepalm or not? I’m thinking she’s just holding her head and thinking “oh, my head!” or something similar. She often looks like that upon waking up – as a fellow non-morning-person, I can totally empathize!


  19. Niall says:

    Now I feel like Black Canary in that epic issue of Justice League: “Boneclaw Mother held off the Hag? And I [i]missed[/i] it?? I’m getting depressed.” (or am I the only comic book geek to get that reference…)

    On BCM’s apparent good humour: well, there’s been “quite a few hours” to digest the news, and I think she’d actually feel more pride and relief that the little skin-painter met his end in such honour. Grief too, but she has enough age to not dwell on that.

  20. Chip Uni says:

    This comic is wonderful! (Though I agree with Ursula. The meeting is MUCH more funny off-screen.)

  21. Melissa Trible says:

    @Chip: Noodle incident.

  22. Hebi R. says:

    Um, peeps? Digger’s vest hides almot nothing. She’s /alway/ a sexy underdressed wombat temptress.

  23. Rivalyn says:

    I would say that Boneclaw Mother’s apparent cheerfulness can be chalked up to both her personality and the fact that Hyenas use funerals as an excuse to throw a kickass party for the deceased. I think they’d do it all the time, if not for the fact that someone has to die, and therefore, miss the party.

  24. Hawk says:

    Also, not mentioning Ed is probably Boneclaw Mother’s form of tact. Notice that the hyenas didn’t make much mention of the deceased hunter, either, except when they were haranguing Digger about the situation.

    Plus, hyena females seem to go more for the stoic attitude. I suspect Owl Caller is going to be VERY distraught, if we see him.

  25. Nicole B says:

    @Hebi Thank you, that made my day! XD

    Vote everybody! You can vote once every 12-18 hours, and we only need 200 to take 16th place.

  26. redbeard says:

    Man, I’d have paid good money to see the throwdown between Bone Claw Mother and the Hag. I hope the Hag was taking notes – a master class like that doesn’t come along very often.

  27. How do you judge a hotter than average wombat? I think Digger is adorable and all, but the only other wombat we’ve seen has been Helix, and he’s male. I don’t think The Thing would work on The Hag. True she is younger than B.C. but she’s got the advantage of listening to her second and third voice before she speaks. (Sorry I borrowed from Sir Pratchett and his Tiffany Aching books.) I’m sure The Hag is not above using The Thing as well.

  28. Tindi says:

    Thank you for saying it, Melissa. I was going to. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I’m of the mind that they’re both right, in that Digger has been wearing herself to a shred for the whole webcomic, but she’s also more resilient than the Hag gives her credit for.

  29. rueyeet says:

    Spit, spackle, wound paste, and a good dose of warrior herbs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Tek: I’d call that an “ooogh, my head” pose, not really a facepalm.

  30. Maureen says:

    It’s a first things first thing. You care for the living first and ascertain their condition is satisfactory. The dead aren’t going to get deader, and you’ve got the rest of your life to grieve for them.

  31. Marie says:

    @Tek – totally no facepalm here. More of a “what am I doing being even remotely vertical, and will someone tell that mote of dust to not fall so loudly, and dear ancestors please tell me I only dreamed the last few days/weeks..”

  32. Niall says:

    rueyeet: will Digger ask for warrior tea to honour Ed?

  33. Niall says:

    19 more votes to get to #16…

  34. John the Wysard says:

    Wheee!!!! I just was lucky enough to catch the vote that put Digger into 16th place.


  35. Hawk says:

    Glad to see it at 16!

  36. wombat32 says:

    Digger is now at #16! We can crack the top ten, I know it. Ursula, you need to start pimping your strip…

  37. Mana Gement says:

    Regarding the TopWebComics rankings, I don’t know if it’s been discussed before, but Digger doesn’t show up in any of the categories, so someone filtering for Drama or Fantasy will never see it. I don’t know whether that’s a site admin thing or a creator thing or what, but it seems like a significant disadvantage.

  38. 16 and still holding. I’d like to see Digger hit Top 10. If people that don’t know Digger see her in the Top 10 then maybe they’ll go, “Hey, I wonder what this story about the Wombat is all about…”, and whamo new readership. Keep to course people. There’s good comics that I am purposely not voting for because they are too close to Digger in the polls. Vote, vote, vote, vote.

  39. Barry says:

    I’ve browsed several of the top comics in that list (and still read a few of them regularly), and not one of them can hold a candle to Digger.

    @TekServer — not a facepalm.

  40. I agree with you Barry. Digger is by far the best comic on this list. I’m thinking of going down to target and setting up a Salvation Army collection point. I’ll ring my little bell and say Merry Christmas Read Digger!!! Merry Christmas Read Digger!!! What other ways can we foist Digger on to the Public?

  41. fixman88 says:

    I know how Digger feels (I’ve been that tired). I’m glad Boneclaw Mother is there (I wonder as well how her and the Hag got along)

  42. Faranior says:

    Am I the only one getting a Harry Potter moment here? I mean it does seem similar to the end of the first book when Dumbledore is sitting next to Harry’s bed when he wakes up in the infirmary. And then goes on to explaining what happened and so on.

  43. WafflesToo says:

    16th! W00tz! I know I’ve been telling everyone I know (that would be… both of them) to read this webcomic.

    I think BM’s relationship with Digger trumps the Hag’s.

    @Faranior; possibly, but so far Digger is the one that knows most of it already, and she hasn’t had much time to fill anyone in on it other than the fact that Ed didn’t make it back.

    @Duckwisperer and friends- Rule Thirty-four… and suddenly I’m terrified of Google Image Search.

  44. Jenora Feuer says:

    No, you’re not the only comic book geek to get that reference, trust me. Poor Guy was rather the butt of jokes in that series…

  45. BunnyRock says:

    Okay. I’ll bight. What’s spackle? One internet to the first satisfactory explanation, and please explain in small words so my overworked British mind doesnโ€™t overheat.

  46. TekServer says:

    Spackle is a substance you use to fill holes in wood, drywall or plaster walls when you don’t want to do a proper (and expensive) job of fixing it the right way.

    You might know it better on your side of the pond as Polyfilla.



  47. Squeegy says:

    I just noticed she has Ed’s necklace. Somehow, that’s comforting.