December 14th, 2010


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  1. Nivm says:

    It almost looks like diggers head is partially missing in the fourth panel. I can’t seem to reinterpret it.

  2. Korlee says:

    Digger just needs to mourn alone. 🙁

  3. fixman88 says:

    *hugs Digger some more*

  4. Robin Bobcat says:

    That tired. I have been it. It is not a good way to be. The only comfort lies in knowing that sleep IS coming, and you do not care any more.

  5. Allie Lewis says:

    Gah, we’re all the way back at 20… Vote, people!

    …Also, geeze, this made me want to go back and cry at Ed all over again…

  6. Lurkerlynne says:

    @Nivm: Digger’s ears are black and the back of her head’s in shadow.

    Maybe Ed’ll come back in dreams for a goodbye. ;_;

  7. BlueAloe says:

    The sheer melancholy of this panel….gah!

  8. Barry says:

    And we will sorrow with her, too.

  9. JewelWolf says:

    That last line made me go like… “Heeheehee…. awww…”

  10. Mani says:

    The last line is perfect. I can definitely share the sentiment of being so tired on multiple levels.

    One time, a friend found me lying facing down in a hallway outside my dorm (up against and facing the corner – and yes, I was sober).

    She tried to wake me to get me to continue sleeping in bed (which was some 20-30ft away at most), and apparently my half-awake response was: “This is my bed. This is a hall full of beds.”

  11. Hunter says:

    Poor Digger. She’s been through so much…

  12. Hawk says:

    Statue, just have someone get her a pillow and a blanket.

    Probably better if BC and Grim Eyes remain nearby, also.

    Poor Digger.

  13. Azure says:

    Now THAT is depression.

  14. Niall says:

    Statue knew. Statue knew the moment Digger emerged – and remained alone. Statue knew the moment SGV died, of course, able to sense such things, but Statue wasn’t going to INTERRUPT the hyenas. Statue knows the right time to ask.

    Statue knows the right time to ask is in the first panel of a new page.


  15. She’ll wake up to find the Hag looming over her.

  16. Jassius says:

    Indeed, That IS a degree in tiredness.

    TWC: Digger is #19 right now…
    Keep on voting.

  17. Tindi says:

    *sniffles* The statue can’t give her a hug, obviously, but it somehow still feels like he did.

  18. Nivm says:

    (@Lurkerlynne: It’s not the ears, but that spot right above the collar where neck should be, but instead you see the object behind her. Maybe I’m just misjudging the angle.)

  19. Treesong says:

    Nivm, you can see through her neck because she’s not all there in the statue’s world. In the next comic she will wake up in her own bed and realize it was all a dream. You gotta learn to interpret these little clues.

  20. Mani says:

    Nivm: I see what you’re talking about. It’s subtle. But I think you’re just misreading Ursula’s shading/highlighting there – Digger’s nape is just shaded with some scratchy/etchy marks, and covered in particularly frazzled hair.

  21. Silverfish says:

    “I might be asleep right now. I’m not sure.”
    That line makes me sad. So does Digger’s expression.
    Something so awful, surely it’s a dream?

  22. Rags says:

    “What does it profit a wombat to save the whole world if she loses her sleep?”
    “That’s not how it goes!”
    “Today it is.

  23. Marie says:

    Running on adrenaline overdrive – especially when there’s shock and grief and fear mixed in – just destroys you. When you finally come down off it all your reserves are gone.

    That’s where Digger is right now. Too tired to think…too tired to feel. Which can be a blessing.

    “Sleep, that knits up/the ravel’d sleeve of care…”