Other Works

Being an overachiever–or, if we’re being honest, having the attention span of a spastic gnat–I have any number of projects, paintings, and thoroughly random achievements. You, too, can subject yourself to the horror!

For published works–and believe it or not, there’s a few!–head on over to “Shop” where you can order all of my books and other oddities!


Believe it or not, I make a living painting. My gallery contains several zillion paintings, ranging in subject matter from the strange to the cute to the downright peculiar. (May contain some mature content!)

chutoc Irrational Fears

An odd little comic about chupacabras, dustbunnies, and the Monster Under The Bed.

littlecreatureblkLittle Creature

Small. Adorable. Fond of evisceration and peppermint tea.


And, of course, behind every artist these days, there is a blog!

(Definitely contains adult material. Not suitable for children.)