August 26th, 2010


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  1. Sage says:

    Quick, Digger! Do the Thing!

  2. Jassius says:

    I wonder if Ed has some kind message to deliver to SGV. After all she is partly responsible of his exile.

    I don ‘t think SGV will have that much power, but can lead all the cold servants against Digger for sure.

    Now, Shadowchild left to meet other lost demons out there. I somewhat see him coming at the last moment with an small army of demons against the cold ones, at the same time Jhalm and the hyena people reach the spot. There there will be shadow eating and some epic last battle between SC and SGV while Digger and Ed try to beat the demon’s remains into one really big haggis. After that, the hyena tribe will feast. What!?? It is not *that* wierd? 😛

    Digger at #24 and one step short (34 votes) of getting to #23 !

  3. Sylph says:

    Second panel face is epic. The Wombat is startled, the demon is PO’d, let’s see what happens next!!!

  4. @SparkyLurkdragon

    I agree, it probably isn’t Shadowchild. It looks alot like SGV, but we also don’t know what our favorite Shadowchild has been doing and whose personalities she has been absourbing since she left Digger. She might not be in her right mind currently hence the not so nice greetings. I’m more inclined to go agree with you Sparky. I don’t think Shadowchild would have called Digger, “Filthy-clawed rat”.

  5. Nicole B says:

    @ Alrondo: thank you for making my day. 😀

  6. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    “Filthy-clawed rat! What are you doing here?”

    Um…….I gather that this is a rhetorical question? 7@=Q

  7. Rahnum says:

    Or even more interesting. If the cold ones were hyenas who survived having their shadows eaten(Have we seen their shadows? And would that even be their shadows and not the shadows of the cloak and helm?). Sweetgrass would seem like the kind of guy to use his minions for a snack.

    @Lucius Appaloosius
    That’s kind of the first actual insult thrown at Digger. Or did I forget some?

  8. Rahnum says:

    Actually I remember Shadowchild saying some of the bandit’s shadows were buried pretty deep. So…I dunno maybe Digger would just get gas or something since she doesn’t really have any “deep” shadows.

  9. WorkingVolition says:

    Is she holding her pick or not? I can’t tell.

  10. Roach says:

    Since SC is out looking for other ‘lost demons’, I wouldn’t be too surprised, if SC were to turn up right now with a barrage of quetions. “Who are you? Are you like me? Why are you doing this? Isn’t that evil? Shouldn’t you be nicer to people?’

  11. Anonymous says:

    I believe she is, yes.

  12. fixman88 says:

    I am seriously wondering if Ed’s crowbar has magical properties like the Veiled swords do. I don’t know if normal weapons can affect SGV…..

  13. CyberCorn Entropic says:

    Rueyeet ~ “Truly a worthy OHCRAP moment. At this point I don’t care who the calvary is — Shadowlescent, the hyenas, Murai — heck, even Jhalm — as long as there IS calvary.”

    Technically, that’s cavalry who rides to the rescue. The Calvary was where Christ was crucified, although I’m sure this cavern might end up being Sweetgrass Voice’s Calvary, of a sort. :p

  14. Madam Atom says:

    *looks closer*

    Does that demon have teeth? I don’t recall SGV having teeth, and I think whenever we saw Shad’s teeth they were white within the black. Maybe this is someone else entirely. Or are those just cave-shadows and not part of the demon at all?

  15. Gramina says:

    Holding at #25 — *Keep voting!* 😀 Once per day per IP address, if I understand correctly.

    Voting Link Is: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx

  16. Madam Atom says:

    Okay, I’m wrong. SGV does have teeth, kinda, or at least a ragged beak.

  17. rueyeet says:

    @Cyber Corn: I meant the kind of calvary that rides to the rescue, not Calvary the place. One hopes there are sabers involved, even.

  18. Gramina says:

    ((Rueyeet — the kind that rides to the rescue has horses (“cavallo” is horse in Italian, from the latin caballus, work-horse/gelding) is cavalry; the kind that involves instruments of execution is Calvary, because the name of the hill (Golgotha) meant “place of the skull” and the latin “Calvaria” is related to “calvus,” meaning “bald.” (Or, I suppose, skull-like.) I had the worst problem getting that straight — ! I finally taught myself to remember it from ‘caballero’ being the dashing horse-rider, which got me to cav- which got me to cavalry. ))

  19. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    @Gramina: “Calvary” is a Latinization of the name “Golgotha” = ‘place of the skull’. According to some ancient traditions, King David had buried Adam’s skull at that spot, as a protective charm for the city…. 7@=e

  20. BunnyRock says:

    @mjfgates: Yeeeessssss. I doubt Digger will have enough of a shadow on her hear to be open to its manipulations. After all, What Shadowchild said to the bandit that he “reeked of old regrets “and, although it’s never been out and out said by Ursula, it seems implied that that made him a good target whereas Digger was not. So possibly Demons can only attack someone if they have enough of these shadows of old regrets. Ands SGV could only manipulate He-is after his uncertainly over she-is’s pregnancy made a “hole in his liver” SGV could exploit. I Think Digger will be Okay. I’m sure Digger will not be either hurt or possessed/controlled/manipulated. Because that sort of thing will not happen to Digger. SGV would not do that to Digger. Digger Digger Digger.

    It’s just as well then that there’s not a second person who WOULD have a life full of old regrets that could be attacked/exploited and who is of a species, and a sex within that species, know to be vulnerable to that sort of manipulation travelling with her, otherwise things could get a bit sticky.


    I need a Hug: that last thought stole all my happy.

    Well, perhaps as he’s already had his name eaten there’s not enough uneaten shadow for SGV to exploit: maybe he’s too harmed already to be exploited like that.

    Okay: now I need two hugs and El-ahrairant has had her happy stolen too.

  21. Lilacsofthedead says:

    *hissbooo* SWEETGRASS KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! (Does fire work on demons?)

    Bunnyrock – I’m a total stranger, but I offer hugs. Hugs make the shadows go away.

  22. BunnyRock says:

    @Robin Bobcat : are they made from real Mole Scouts?