August 24th, 2010


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  1. lemonysundrops says:

    aww :)

  2. Neil says:

    No, it never worked on me either, when I worked on a goldmine – looking down a half-kilometer of mineshaft…and then up at another half-kilometer, “down” was still the operative word.

  3. Robin Bobcat says:

    “Very nice.. Ed is now being afraid of depths.”

  4. Shadw21 says:

    Alas, not first. Oh well, lol at the technicality that DIgger points out and Ed’s fear of height/non-height/anti-height?

  5. smjjames says:

    Poor Ed! lol

  6. Jeremyhfht says:

    Yes, lets start a discussion on semantics in a cavern, that likely echos, with cultists that hear better than dogs.

  7. Rhio2k says:

    I think she missed the point that a chasm is still a chasm, even underground…

  8. slywlf says:

    I Love the droll look on Digger’s dace as she “comforts” Ed ;-)
    Don’t forget;

  9. The_Rippy_One says:

    Okay – we are now officially approaching a climax moment; the hero has snarked. I repeat the Hero Has Snarked! Code magenta!

  10. Tatterdemalion says:

    Don’t be scared of heights, Ed – it’s the sudden stop at the bottom you need to be scared of!

  11. quiltcat says:

    eight days of voting left…and Digger is at #25!

  12. Hawk says:

    That’s just great, Digger! Now I feel so much better! I’ll never fall and hurt myself again if I just go live in a nuclear bunker!!!

    *silly grin*

  13. Hunter says:

    It’s the fact that they’re on a cliff, probably. Even an underground one. Besides, Digger is speaking from a wombat perspective, not a conventional one.

  14. Siege says:

    Droll? Maybe it’s just me and being used to anime, but to me Digger looks like she’s going to do something interspecies if Ed keeps being cute.

  15. theysabet says:

    **snort** Doof. It’s not the heights, it’s the -depths- you have to worry about…

  16. rueyeet says:

    I’m with Ed. Assuming you could get me out on that ledge at all, I’d be clinging to the wall for dear life. Especially considering that any fall might be cushioned by a ten-foot-tall disembodied heart.

  17. Jassius says:

    Goodbye to the otside hyena world, welcome to the wombat universe ;)

    Finally a situation where she can be on control. Well, there are non quite undead gods, she has the future of the world on her hands, people trying to kill her at her back and possibly some more around at any moment::: but still is possibly the closest to a comfortable situation she has had for some time :D

  18. mouse says:

    “Especially considering that any fall might be cushioned by a ten-foot-tall disembodied heart.”
    Well, that might solve the problem of how they kill the undead god….bit anticlimactic, but efficient. Sure to be dear to a wombat’s heart.

  19. lemur says:

    Why does digger look… evil… in this one?

  20. Meteorfire says:

    Now is not a good time to come to this realization, Ed…

    Oh, Digger. Being someone terrified of heights (until a certain high point, and then I’m fine, which is beyond odd) myself, an observation like that would make me more homicidal than comforted.

  21. OlCoyoteGrey says:

    I read this and all i can think of is cute sounds and how much every time we see Ed he is in some way being completely heart melting unintentionally.

  22. Haven says:

    Is that what passes for wombat philosophy? It’s very deep.

  23. Brennan says:

    Aw. I’m caught up. :(

  24. Madam Atom says:

    Hiya, Brennan. Welcome to the world of nail-biting. ;)

  25. JewelWolf says:

    I feel Ed’s pain. Height is my second greatest fear. The first? That’s something there can be no written record of.

  26. jr says:

    As someone who has spent a lot of time on ledges, both above and below ground, I can say that the ones underground are easier to deal with. I think that’s because you can’t see as far, so the sense of exposure is lower. But worse than traversing or decending is when you have to asscend a rope. You have all the exposure of the other situations, but far longer to think about it.

  27. Rags says:

    “Ed is a little scared of depths as well.”

    By the way, Topwebcomics is a liar. After I voted it told me I could vote again in 0 hours, which would mean right now, but it wouldn’t let me…

  28. Sylph says:

    Oh, Digger, now’s a great time to tease poor Ed.
    Ed, it’s not heights you need to worry about, it’s depths.
    I’ve been following this webcomic for over a year and it only gets better.

  29. @Brennan get comfy with the rest of us. Oh, I happend on Youtube yesterday and saw the promo for The Curse of the Were-Wiener. It’s really cool!

  30. WafflesToo says:

    Well… it was nice of her to TRY anyway. I guess…

  31. TekServer says:

    @Rags: TWC resets the voting each day at midnight Pacific Time, so if you vote close to that time you’ll see that “0 hours” message you described. Just wait until a little after midnight (or 2 am if you’re in Central Time, or … well, you get the idea) and you can vote again.


  32. BunnyRock says:

    @Siege but… it’s Digger. And Ed. And Digger. And Ed. (mind shuts down. Requires bleach to remove Stupid Sexy Flanders. Errr, I mean, terrifying terrifying shipping. O well).

    As my father would say “It’s not the height. It’s not even the falling: It’s the sudden deceleration.”

    Which is wrong. OF COURSE it’s the height. We come within inches of things that could kill us every day. We (most of us) don’t get scared of cars, or light switches, or wet tiles. Of course it’s the height. It’s not the fear that hitting the ground will kill you: it’s the fact that you know if you slip you will have a fair bit of time to look the ground in the eye as it approaches, and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about that. It’s the knowledge that one step too far and you’re gone, and the fear that you won’t be able to stop yourself making that step. It’s the fact that in everyone, a little tinny rebel voice will always say “Jump.” The same part of you that looks down when someone says “don’t look down” or touches when someone says “don’t touch” or even better, when a sigh says “danger: do not touch”. It’s not the height you fear, it’s the idea that you aren’t in control of you own mind that the height brings to mind. It’s the knowledge that everyone occasionally doses things unthinkingly and then wonders why, the knowledge that if that happens now, it could kill you and it’s because deep down something in you wanted it. I get that same slight fear working with liquid nitrogen when I’m powdering bone for sampling in a freezer mill. I’m not afraid of getting my hand frozen off, or of the far bigger problem of Nitrogen hypoxia from working in a sealed room, I’m afraid that even though I know if I put my hand in the Dewar it will get frozen of, part of me still wants to try it.