August 26th, 2010


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  1. lanoger says:

    Oh Digger, you really jinxed yourself there.

  2. John Yakimow says:


    It’s comforting that he can be taken by surprise, at least.

  3. Jiyambi says:


  4. Zjonni says:


  5. Sparky Lurkdragon says:

    OH SHI-

    Honestly didn’t see that coming, at least not that quickly. Thought we’d have to deal with the Cold Servants or at least the warm ones first…

  6. Robin Bobcat says:

    Umm.. me? No, youmust be mistaken.. Would you like to buy some Mole Scout cookies?

  7. Veritas says:

    If Shadowlescent wanted to help out one more time, now would probably be a good one.

    Can hope that SGV doesn’t actually have power on its own, though – enough to project itself, enough to frighten(or to seduce, as it did to He-Is in the first place), but at least for the time being, not enough to actually do direct harm. Which is to say that maybe, as long as Digger and Ed don’t do as it wants them to, it can’t directly hurt them.

  8. mjfgates says:

    Digger has no shadows on her heart. Digger has no shadows on her heart. Digger has no shadows on her heart….

    I HOPE it works like that…

  9. inlaid says:


  10. Marty says:

    uuuuhhhh… Suddenly reflecting on how lucky I am that I only wear a vest?

  11. Bwee says:


  12. Richard Grevers says:

    50-odd votes shy of getting back in 25th place. Get voting! (and again tomorrow). http://www.topwebcomics.com/members/votefavorite.aspx?id=10180

  13. Dominic says:

    Man, it’s been so long that I couldn’t remember who this is. Thanks, commenters ^^

  14. Rhio2k says:

    This is a brown trousers moment if ever there was one…

  15. aurickandrien says:

    Shadowlescent playing a practical joke… maybe?

  16. Nohbody says:

    You’d think someone as experienced with the world as Digger would know to not tempt fate by saying something’s easy…

  17. Gwennan says:

    Rhio2k, you took the words right out of my mouth (or my keyboard….. Eeek.

  18. Barry says:

    If you all like it so much, why aren’t you voting for it?

    Votey votey votey!

    p.s. Yow! Great job, Ursula!

  19. Madam Atom says:

    Hoh. Lee. Crap.

    I’m with Veritas. Hope hope hope hope hope …

  20. Emma says:

    AW MAN THAT NEARLY GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK. In the second panel i was thinking it was Shadowchild… WRONG.

  21. Mani says:

    It just got real.

    Heh. You know what’d be REALLY terrible?

    If the metal-masked-hyenas weren’t the “cold servants” – if they were the WARM ones, and the COLD servants were all just other (less-powerful-than-SGV-himself) demons 🙂

  22. The_Rippy_One says:

    Um…the Cold Servants are a lot scarier this time around…

    (internal monologue, already in progress:-…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- *several hours later. Hopefully* -EEEEK!!)

    Nicely done. Now excuse me, I must find my liver – it went glibbering off in terror somewhere.

  23. Hawk says:


    Dark Mother Show Your Face!

    Wanna bet that we cut back to Boneclaw Mother on Tuesday?

  24. rueyeet says:

    @Veritas: But remember how Shadow said that at the monastery, SV was stretched too far to really be able to do anything. He’s not stretchin’ now. And it was long ago established that her pickaxe doesn’t do much to demons. O_O

    Truly a worthy OHCRAP moment. At this point I don’t care who the calvary is — Shadowlescent, the hyenas, Murai — heck, even Jhalm — as long as there IS calvary.

  25. Nimras says:


  26. Alondro says:

    *quickly casts BANISH and rolls his D20 to see if using the spell will work on SGV!* I got… a 1. I fail. And my soul got eated. :C

  27. ysabet says:

    Honest reaction, out loud and at work: “Oh…. bugger…..”

  28. slywlf says:

    Eep! Scary moment! BTW when I voted Digger was at #25 – keep those votes coming!!! 😉

  29. smjjames says:

    Yea thats definetly a ‘oh shit’ moment there.

    Its definetly sweetgrass as Shadowlescent still has those little earbuds it had as Shadowchild and I don’t see those.. Plus Shadowlescents head is rounded with her/his (did we ever establish gender?) mouth invisible.

  30. Seaspray says:

    erm… brilliant work on Digger’s face there…

    My first reaction on reading was to imitate the second panel… then I remembered I lacked the snout

  31. IonOtter says:

    You know? That is NOT a word you ever want to hear. Especially in that tone of voice. It’s never good.

  32. I bet Ed’s real glad he’s in the front now. I notice that Digger has her pick out and ready to go. Oh my gosh this is a great web Comic! Digger is holding steady at 24 now. Of course I think Sweetgrass made a mistake. He should have just eaten them right there and then. No comment just “Gulp!” But now he’s engaged the Wombat. Sweetgrass is going down.

  33. mouse says:

    Wonder what Ed is going to say to this – and if Digger knows/guesses this is Sweetgrass Voice (and will tell Ed) – or if Ed will figure it out himself. Considering his life-story’s parallels with He-Is – Ed may be a little ticked at SGV himself.

  34. iburns says:

    You’d think she of the grassy words would know. After all, she brought Digger here in the first place…

  35. Gramina says:

    I think — or hope! — that we’ll get one more exchange here, just to establish a little bit of interaction (and hopefully not an interaction consisting of “*gulp* that’s one….”)

    If I remember correctly, Shadowchild said early on that Digger had “hardly any” shadow on her heart — basically, not worth the effort of eating. 1. I don’t know how hungry SGV is, and 2. I don’t know if the result for the person who’s shadow gets eaten varies with the density of the shadow in question — we’ve only seen it in the case of the bandit, where we can assume some fair density. So one possibility is that SGV *tries* to eat Digger’s shadow, expecting that to be fatal, but sort of stumbles on noticing how faint it is and then has to deal with a PO’d Digger and with any luck a PO’d Shadowlescent or Shad…. Shadult? Ew; better not. I think maybe just Shadow. 🙂

    Keep Voting!!! Link is given above!

  36. Gramina says:

    p.s. Voting continues over the weekend — it might be nice if we can remember to vote on non-update days between now and 8/31….! Sat/Sun I can only vote once each, but tomorrow and Monday I can vote from home and from work. (It’s specifically *noted* on the site as ok to do that. Just no bots.)

  37. Kisuneko says:

    Now, I actually think it’s Shadowchild rather than SGV. I don’t think SGV would be nice enough to give any warning 😛

  38. It could be Shadowchild. We don’t know what she’s had to do since she left Digger and Co. She might have had to eat some stuff that didn’t agree with her so to speak.

  39. JewelWolf says:

    Oh my Steven Hawking! I can’t believe my school schedule doesn’t have ANY time in the computer lab any more! It’s delaying my veiwing of important pages like THIS! There is nothing I can say that no one else has said.

  40. WafflesToo says:


  41. Mana Gement says:

    Rhio2k, right there with you. I had a huge physical adrenaline reaction here. Boss fight goes last! Boss fight goes last! It’s the rules! This is cheating!

    Oh wait, villain. Right. That’s what they do.

    I’ll be behind the couch if anyone needs me. With a phonebook over my head.

  42. Kayru says:

    I’mma just not assume which it is.

    Definitely scary though. D:

  43. Hunter says:

    Ah crap, it’s them again!

  44. Hermitage says:

    I suspect it is SGV, but that he will be fairly ineffectual at hurting Digger. Shadowchild has already consumed SGV’s shadow, and while it may not kill him (clearly), I think there’s a good chance he’s fairly powerless without it.

  45. Sparky Lurkdragon says:

    It’s Sweetgrass.

    Shadowchild wouldn’t greet Digger as “filthy-clawed rat”.

  46. Lica says:

    I thought Sweet Grass was actually expecting Digger…

    I don’t think Sweet Grass is too dangerous right now, he is still bounded to the God and the God is still bounded to the shackles, thought the spells are quite ancient…

  47. Mark Antony says:

    @Rhio2k Well, it’s a good thing Digger doesn’t wear pants, then, isn’t it? 🙂

    Seriously, though…eep. That’s not the other shoe dropping. It’s the other shoe being dipped in concrete and then shot through the roof via orbital cannon.

  48. Sysice says:

    Is it weird that I always end up reading the entire comic out loud because it’s so awesome?

    Also, oh sh-