August 18th, 2009


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  1. Lurkie says:

    Waaaaah! Shadow! *sniffle* You put tears in my eyes, Ursula, congratulations. Well done.

    Was this sequence the first time that Shadowchild called Digger by her name? I think it is. Our little Shadowchild has grown up.

  2. Hunter says:

    I knew that Digger would start crying at this…

  3. AnonyGirl says:

    I actually wish Digger hadn’t started calling him “Shadow” instead of “Shadowchild”. I’m not all weepy and snotimental; definitely not one of those girls (or guys) who had to write to cry out in anguish at the danger and trial, loss of innocence, and so forth. I love the story, and this part is fine, too. Anyway, I just like the sound of Shadowchild a whole lot more. Besides, he’s still the same person, after all, even if he’s undergone a “rite of passage” or had some self-relevant discoveries or whatever-you-like. Small thing, we’ll all live 🙂 . “Digger Forever!”

  4. BunnyRock says:

    darn it… Upper lip unstiffening…. maintain some decorum man! Hold it together! at least check your flatmate is asleep and wont catch you crying at a punk inkblot diagram with eyes and a tragic, tragic backstory…


    Oh lord! Good Lord That’s sad! I’m actually crying. That’s the second saddest ting in this comic has ever produced ( let me justify, We we given some warning this was coming, but when i was re-reading 318 having read no further than 400 i worked out Ed’s relationship to Grim Eyes, not from any one spoiler but because the comments of Awww Ed were stronger than usual and i have the sort of inconvenient mind that sees plot a mile off. i worked out Brucie Willis was a ghost 15 minutes in and i ruined the ending.

    https://diggercomic.com/?p=318 broke my heart, i swore and ranted and stopped reading digger for a few months because it couldn’t be true, no sane non-sadistic author would let something that tragic be true… and yet as soon as the idea popped into my head it was so nartitavly satisfying i knew it couldn’t be anything but true…and it broke my heart a bit)… but this is close. So very, very close.

    Quick, everyone, readers and Ursula, and Digger and Ed and Shadow… Group Hug!

  5. Octane says:

    D’awwww! T_T

  6. Dave says:

    Very good story so far… Sadly, I had to skip a page since 731 makes my Antivirus software have a panic attack. :S

  7. Tindi says:

    Every. Single. TIME! *bawls for the third time*

  8. SwissChopstix says:

    I am undoubtedly optimistic that he will make demon-kind happy with his cute little shadowchild children.

  9. rueyeet says:

    man. What a rotten way to grow up.

    It might not make narrative sense, but I’d be very sad not to see Shadow again; it’s my favorite character in this whole thing, and just got exponentially better.

  10. Elkian says:


  11. JET73L says:

    In light of panel 1 (and the rest of the comic so far), Panel 2 is one of the most simultaneously heartwarming yet heartbreaking things ever. It’s my first time through the archives, and I’ve been capable of commenting well enough to warrant commenting even less often than during Ed’s story and the story of She-is and He-is combined. Shadowchild has grown immensely during the last couple of pages, and is really more of a Shadult now than a Shadowlescent. It has been even worse, more heartbreaking, because of Shadow…lescent making the choices a human would take a decade or far more to make in less than five minutes, with the weight of immense knowledge both driving it forward and pressing down on it. This is an amazing work that you’ve created, Ursula, and even if the offers of a cheesecake stand do not entice another epic-length story from your mind, Digger is… just amazing, and I hope every person has a chance to read it, be it for entertainment, or philosophy, or the interesting little bits of everything you put in the series.

    And panel 4 is beyond heartbreaking.

  12. hariman says:

    I figure, someday, when Digger is old and the wombat equivalent of gray and wizened, Shadowchild will show up, one day, while she’s out walking and talking with the local cubs about her adventures, and let her know that not everything has gone well, but that not everything has gone ill either.

    Or maybe it will be one of Digger’s grandcubs, who’s never been sure whether to believe the potentially crazy old grandmother, who meets with Shadowchild, or perhaps one of Shadowmom’s children…

    Who ends up deciding to follow his grandmother’s advice, and to do something about a problem he’d noticed, but wasn’t sure if he should do anything.