August 13th, 2009


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  1. refugee says:

    Echoing others here:

    As sad as this is, it fills me with hope. Shadow, or Shadow’s offspring-descendant-subsequent-whatever will be back, I’m sure, and will be a powerful ally.

    “Sad” is not quite the right word. “Touching” seems weak. I can’t think of the right word.

    It’s a good and necessary thing, what Shadow is doing, but right this moment, it hurts.

    “I ate a sock!” and now this. I’m trying, and failing, to imagine what that transition must have felt like. What does it do to someone to grow up that fast?

    Fine work, Ursula, well done.

  2. refugee says:

    One other thing: Shadow is one of the best aliens I’ve ever run across in any form of fiction. So many “aliens” are simply oriental humans, or cats, or the like.

    Shadow is fundamentally different.

    Alien, in the very best SF tradition.

  3. Silverfish says:

    Digger’s expression really makes your heart wrench, doesn’t it.
    …Or maybe that’s my liver.

    I think the desire to go home is one of the things I connect to most in this comic – and you’ve done a wonderful job forming that simple, intangible longing into a beautiful story, Ursula. I’m sure you hear or read “well done” pretty often, but heck if it’s often enough!

  4. Madam Atom says:

    refugee says:

    > “Sad” is not quite the right word. “Touching” seems weak. I can’t think of the right word.


  5. refugee says:

    “Poignant”. Gah. Why couldn’t I think of that?

    Of course, now I’m going to have to throw your no-doubt sultry self from the train.

  6. Hawksong says:


  7. refugee says:

    I like “poignant” it comes from an old root meaning to prick, sting, i.e., a piercing emotion. I admit, though, it says little about the nature of the emotion.

    Also see one of Spider Robinson’s favorite words, “antinomy”, “a fundamental and apparently unresolvable conflict or contradiction”. — Merriam-Webster Online
    I take it as a stronger, more general version of “bittersweet”.

    “Poignant antinomy”? “Poignantly bittersweet”?

    Somewhere in there, anyway.

    Anyway, not to get too far off track: fabulous bit of story telling there.

  8. jomiller says:

    personally I like the art, did anyone notice that as Digger is reaching out that her outline is “thicker” than usual. Yet, at the same time, her outline thickens and thins, almost as though she is quivering or quaking. Kinda shows her fighting back an emotion of sorts.

  9. SpotWeld says:

    Being a shadow… it makes you grow up fast. Or not at all…

  10. meira says:

    awww damnit you did it. You made me cry.

  11. CE Murphy says:

    WAUGH. My God, Ursula. Kudos to you for the SHEER AND UTTER HEARTBREAK.

  12. Jenora Feuer says:


    I still say the most alien aliens I’ve seen (in comics at least) have to be from Matt Howarth. Then again, he does a comic where the main character is the person who has to get inside the aliens’ heads so that diplomacy can start up…

  13. dkkauwe says:

    i miss shadow.

  14. AnonyGirl says:

    to Jon on Aug 13 — Sorry, no. No reason to think that Shadowchild being eaten by another demon *is* going to send that demon further along “Digger’s path” … any more than Shadowchild eating some of Sweetgrass Voice made him evil like Sweetgrass Voice. See my point? Memories were passed on, not motivation.

    I *will* concede that exposure to new ideas gives one the chance to react to them. Another “innocent” feral demon consuming Shadowchild *could* decide Shadowchild’s ideas are the way to go. Or Sweetgrass Voice’s ideas are the way to go. Or neither.

  15. BunnyRock says:

    stiff upper lip… stiff upper lip… stuff upper lip.. i will not cry… i will not cry… *Sniff*