August 18th, 2009


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  1. Kayru says:

    Oh Digger! You cry and it makes me cry…

    I will add that her bundled-up self is helplessly adorable in the large panel. It is ironic how he grew so much in such a little time, and in some ways seems older than Digger now, despite her age. Odd how demon life time plays out in comparison to the natural way of life.

    Ursula… if he doesn’t come back by the time this is over… even in a little drawing in the book after the story ends… I just don’t know what I’d do. =’S

  2. refugee says:

    “Don’t take on anything bigger than you can handle.”

    Took on Sweetgrass Voice, Shadow did, and did just fine — because, Digger, you showed him how.

    Not, mind, that you seem to be all that shy of taking on things that are bigger than you can handle, at least at first glance, but somebody’s got to do the work.

  3. zer05um says:

    Damn it Ursula. That’s me reduced to mush.

  4. CE Murphy says:

    I’m crying over a web comic. This is so embarrassing.

  5. Rowtree says:

    Axalotl! That’s what Shadolesent reminds me of now!

    You can see the Digger wibbles. I think I may start crying too. We’ll miss you Shadow!

  6. violent_rabbit says:

    I have tears running down my face. Damn you.

  7. Ketira says:

    It’s always tough to have a friend leave you. I hope SC comes back to a kinder temple and lets that scholar interview SC.

    I have had a few friends drift apart from me over the years. However, I remember the good times and keep them precious in my heart.

    Go well, SC…. and may you find only the shadows that deserve to be eaten.

  8. dkkauwe says:

    ooooh! they’re friends! that’s so…happy!

  9. Zamael says:

    Oh, we will see him again. Otherwise this whole scene would be just pointless. He’ll probably come back at some crucial moment to save everyone, possibly with a horde of other demons.

    Still sad.

  10. Kitsune says:

    Wow. Digger looks about as sad as a wombat can be in that last panel. Hopefuly, we wont be seeing that expresion again for a while.

  11. Wombat32 says:

    surely Shadowlescent is going to be keeping an eye on Digger and gang. We haven’t seen the last of him yet. I think a teenage-ish demon friend is far better a friend than a demon enemy of any age.

  12. HarenaAtria says:


    Gonna miss ShadowNotChildAnymore….

  13. Gwennan says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hug a ‘comic book’ character before….

    Make that two ‘comic book’ characters…..

  14. Stryde says:

    ;-; Bye Shadowlescent…

  15. Tosscobble says:

    ::holds it in::
    ::tries not to cry::
    Meep! ::sobs::
    ::fails miserably::

  16. Gadora says:

    I need to go read something happy now.

  17. Hawksong says:

    I was all “Yay it’s Tuesday! Digger Update!!!”

    Now I want it to be Monday again.

    *goes off to weep on confused husband*

  18. Dawn says:

    He’s coming back isn’t he? Isn’t he???? It’s so undignified to cry over a comic character. *sob*

  19. diTaykan says:

    *wibble* *cry*

    You know something. I bet you know something and are endlessly amused at us.

  20. Kisuneko says:

    Oh god, epic wibble face incoming..
    Damn you, for making a comic so good :p

  21. Mark Antony says:

    *sniff* He’s all grown up and stepping out into the big wide world…

    This must be how parents feel when their kids go to college.

  22. Karyl says:

    Awww, dangit! I am sad, sad, sad—Digger gets hugs!

  23. LBD says:

    Digger! Hug Shadowling! Huuuug him!

  24. Brushtail says:

    this page is so sweet I feel like I should go brush my teeth.

  25. Lanthir says:

    Awww, momma’s little demon is all grown up!

  26. Lica says:

    Now I regret that I decided to read this in a public place…. oh who cares if they see me crying over a webcomic, good bye, shadowlescent, we’ll miss you for the time being…

  27. Kelly says:

    *sniffle* Sad to see Shadow go.. my favorite character, all growed up <:[

  28. CJ says:

    *sniffle* I have the feeling we’ll see Shadow again. But I’ll miss having her/him/it along on the journey!

  29. Brenna says:

    Aww. Shadow’s gotten so big! Don’t cry, Digger, ze’ll be back (Does the Shadowchild HAVE a gender?)

  30. Vvicked says:

    Dammit, some of us sneak read these things at work! Don’t be too funny or too sad! / ‘:>

  31. mouse says:

    come now, people – he’s _totally_ coming back. the oracular slug said it was necessary for their mission to succeed, right? and we _know_ their mission will succeed – ursula can’t have brought us all this way just to have evil triumph and digger defeated. no – shadow will be there for the final battle! …..right?

  32. Sabreur says:

    Nicely done. Very nicely done.

  33. Kelci says:

    WAHHHHHHHHHHHH Digger’s tears make me cry 🙁

  34. Sweetmissblue says:

    I *love* that friend panel so much … but I do have to join the wibble club *hands out tissues*

  35. Joan says:

    Digger! Give Shadowchild a hug already!! *they grow up so fast…*

  36. Archangel Beth says:


  37. R.A. says:

    Poor Digger. I do hope we get to see Shadow again before the end. Life won’t be as interesting without those spontaneous moral crises.

  38. *sniff* That actually made me tear up a little. ;_;

  39. Penny-Anna says:

    My face actually went into this shape – D:
    Oh, Shadow. ;_;

    *comments for the first time&

  40. Sara says:

    awwwww… ursula, you are too damn good at ‘sad wombat face’.

  41. Silverfish says:

    Aw, man. I’d avoided tears until this point.

  42. Magpie49 says:


    Love the “friend”.


  43. Blue says:

    I love how Shadow seems to have grown “physically” each page since the tumble with SGV. That seems to add emphasis to me that Shadow is no longer Shadowchild. And holy Hannah seeing Digger actually vulnerable and sad compared to her usual tough take no shit attitude has me a little misty eyed too.

  44. tor says:


    One-word statements in anything, especially comics, make those things that much better. VERY touching. Typing all this crap doesn’t do it justice.

  45. Mad Luc says:

    …. Shadowlecent…. dust… in my eyes?

  46. Barry says:

    Ursula, this is your mother.

    Sorry, but I forgot what you said a few weeks ago about how all this turns out. Could you tell me again, here, please?


    Remember, I gave birth to you. You owe me this.

  47. TekServer says:

    Nice try, Barry … 😉

    I suspect that our time between Shadow sightings will now be roughly the same as the time between visits to Ed.


  48. Не пойму в чём дело, но у меня тока 2 картинки загрузилось. ((( А ваще понравились! 🙂

  49. Ursula's Mom says:

    Ursula, this is your mother.

    Sorry, but I forgot what you said a few weeks ago about how all this turns out. Could you tell me again, here, please?


    Remember, I gave birth to you. You owe me this.

  50. fishboy says:

    Man, I resolutely resisted the sniffles when Ed told his story but that last panel has me welling up. Kudos Ursula, you write and draw with beauty.