August 13th, 2009


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  1. ottertee says:

    That last comment was supposed to say “sniff”.

  2. Lise in NJ says:

    Dont know who I feel sorriest for…

  3. DimeSpin says:

    Frowny face. =(

  4. Yubi Shines says:



  5. Blue says:

    … ;_;

  6. bakafox says:

    I posted in my LJ about um… augh. Blarghle! Words fail! *whimper sniffle*

    And then proceeded to spam my friends who don’t ALREADY read Digger with links to Digger. (All like, three of them, since most of my friends I regularly see on IM to spam with links do, in fact, already read Digger.)

  7. Orjan says:

    Oh, my.

    Now I wonder if Shadow has/will become a “Dark Mother”. ;-|

  8. diTaykan says:

    *whimper* *sob*

  9. I’m betting he/she/it will be back at some stage before this story is told.

  10. Gadora says:


  11. rainingnails says:

    Shadowchild has been looking for a place in the world and seems to be on the verge of finding a very significant one. This is kinda good.

  12. Loren says:

    Somehow I doubt that we can finish this adventure without at least some further interactions with Shadow, but at least much has been learned from him/her/it already. I’m more confident now of the advice given, to break the chain, and heartened by the reported fear SGV has of Digger. Initially I was still concerned that perhaps Shadow was bent a little by the contact, but that fear seems unwarranted. Changed, yes, but not turned to evil.

  13. Reiver says:


    A third kind of Demon, eh? Oh, yes indeed…

  14. Larry G says:

    Oh WOW! Shadow has a purpose in life now! Whatever happens, SC is going to do it with both eyes open, and that is as it should be. Go Shadow, GOOOO!

  15. rowandoll says:

    Stop making me cry before breakfast!

  16. Gwennan says:

    bakafox, I had dinner with some friends last night, several of which have started reading Digger at my urging. One in particular was quite insistent that I NEVER AGAIN recommend an ‘unfinished’ web comic. He was enthralled by the story, but going nuts waiting for each installment.

    Not sure if this makes me a good friend, or a bad friend…..

  17. Kisuneko says:

    Aw hell πŸ™
    This can’t be the last we see of SC!

  18. TΓ‘ssia says:


  19. MASalter says:

    sniff …. sniff….. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  20. DGSeng says:

    Will Shadow return, having devoured other demons or “found a new way”with them, stronger and completely capable of annihilating SGV…?

  21. Bwee says:


  22. Hawksong says:

    *gnashes teeth*
    Don’t leave, Shadow!! You don’t have a Samwise to go with you on your quest!

  23. Kef says:

    In my opinion that was the most emotional moment in this whole comic so far. I really am getting a little misty-eyed here.

  24. Victor says:

    Aww, Shadowchild. Don’t go, we love you!

    Growing up is rough enough without having to do it all at once. that said, making a new kind of demon, one that raises the others with kindness and compassion, is as much of an upset for this world as librarian rats were for Digger.\

    May good fortune go with you, shadowchild.

  25. Marie says:

    Sad, yes…*wipes eyes again*…but also proud. There is a terrible painful beauty in seeing your child find purpose and set forth to accomplish it in full realization that cost, pain and failure are as likely–if not more so–than glory or success. This is what Shadow-Friend (for neither is it a child any longer, nor an adolescent–this is its entry into maturity) has done. And truly Digger has stood in loco parentis to Shadow-Friend, has she not? She has much to be proud of–and much to agonize over.

  26. bluehydrangea says:

    How much more emotionally wringing can this story get?!?!?!?!?!

  27. TekServer says:

    Vaya con dios, amigo oscuro …

    (s/he will be back … )


  28. Jon says:

    One thing that makes Shadow’s potential fate a bit less tragic is that, no matter how long he survives among his own kind, the fact that he lived at all will have a lasting impact. Either he becomes a mentor to the wild things, or one of them eats him and acquires his memories. Who’s to say that won’t inspire his devourer to take a few steps along the same path Digger started?

  29. BarGamer says:

    Why is it that both of the things I most enjoy waiting for can be called “SC2”? XDDD

  30. Jer-oh-me says:

    Awwwww, this makes me sad, but I think Digger did right by Shadow, she did the best she could and that’s all anyone could really have asked of her. I’m of the opinion that, even first time, wombats make excellent parents.

  31. alondro says:

    Wow… it’s kinda like ‘Hue’ going back to the Borg…

    *geek analogy*

  32. Arospace says:

    In some ways Shadowchild has been like Digger’s child, as she was the only one who tried to raise him. Perhaps some of Digger’s wanting him to stay is more than not wanting a friend to go but not wanting something that she has seen as a child for so long to travel into unknown dangers.

    She, like all mothers, is now at the time when Shadow, no longer a child, must make his way against dangers she cannot help him beat.

    This is easily one of the saddest pages since Ed’s story. I am very sad for both Digger and Shadow in different ways.

  33. Brushtail says:

    saddest page ever, and it has some competition.

  34. Jennifer says:

    This reminds me of Hugh, the borg from the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called “I, Borg.” Once separated from the collective and nurtured by the Enterprise crew, the rescued borg–then calling himself by his “designation,” “Third of Five,” begins to understand for the first time what it means to be an individual. When Hugh returns to the borg collective, his experience as an individual spreads and changes the entire fabric of the borg forever. Shadow is the Hugh of demonkind.

  35. Jennifer says:

    Looks like Alondro beat me to the Hugh analogy. πŸ˜›

  36. Sabreur says:

    Good luck, Shadow.

  37. Magpie49 says:


    *sniffle, sniffle*


    This feels a lot like when my youngest kid told me she was going to a tiny community in back country Bolivia to help the missionaries. I was immensely proud that she had decided to serve, but at the same time terribly frightened of possible encounters with bandits, and rebels, and wild beasts, and much smaller wild beasts living in impure water.

  38. Archangel Beth says:

    Oh, Shadow… Home can be hard.

  39. Sinity says:

    all of a sudden i really miss the younger version of shadowchild

  40. tor says:

    :'( Go home, Shadowchild. teach your people truth… BUT COME BACK AND VISIT!!!!

  41. Chip Uni says:




    g’bye, shadolescent…

  42. Mishal says:

    Whoa… This is officially awesome now.

  43. dkkauwe says:

    i’m so pleased/proud/happy with Shadow***’s evolution.

  44. Sammi says:

    And here I finish the archives. It’s been awesome. Thank you, Ursula. I eagerly await the rest.

  45. meteorfire says:

    Oh, Shadow.

    I started reading this…today? Yesterday, technically, at about 2-3 o’clock. Its so heartwrenching. πŸ™ But I adore it anyways.

    I only hope that by the time they make it back, the Captain hasn’t decided to take matters into his own hands and go god-hunting…

  46. Kelci says:

    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  47. Nikki says:

    It seems like not too long ago since “What’s a pervert? Am I?”

  48. Leonca says:

    Such an interesting idea you have for the demons. The thought that they are born innocent and could learn to do good instead of evil is very unique.