March 26th, 2009


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  1. WuseMajor says:

    Murai, give it up. Obviously they are predestined to go with you. Well, Grim Eyes is. Digger, I dunno, but in a fight between a wombat and destiny, I’d generally pick the wombat, so protesting won’t really do you much good.

  2. Fenomena says:

    If this was a typical clishee-fantasy thingy, Gim Eyes might lay her paw on Digger’s shoulder and say something like “Let her go. We shall not stand between Murai and her destiny.”

    I’m so glad it isn’t.

  3. Karolina Keene says:

    Love this page. especially the determined look on Digger’s face and the detailed crampons on her feet. As the great Anung un Rama once said, “Screw destiny!”

    Actually, I think he and this bunch would get along like a house on fire. Smart, prepared, and willing to .deal with the weird things and hard choices.

  4. BarGamer says:

    “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!” -Samwise Gamgee

  5. mouse says:

    Poor Murai. She’s trying so hard to bravely follow her destiny and protect her comrades from risk…and reality just keeps getting in the way.

  6. Rhan says:

    If she tries to pull some Indiana Jones and the holy grail stunt…well, I expect Digger to go mythbusters on it.

    Thanks for making an evil Thursday an awesome one.

  7. Winterhart says:

    Whoohoo – I’m all caught up!

  8. ToraKiyoshi says:

    @ Fenomena: Well, Grim-Eyes could try… but I imagine the look Digger would give Grim-Eyes would set stones on fire…


  9. Tindi says:

    Destiny be hanged. If it was me, Digger would bloody well be coming with me if I had to drag her.

  10. Kelci says:

    Murai isn’t very practical in addition to being crazy. I still love her 😀

  11. Noah D says:

    Just found you through The Lawdog Files – read from start to current last night and today. A delightful read, and I’ve really enjoyed the twists and turns. Laughed out loud at Boneclaw Mother, sniffled a little bit at Ed’s Tale. Thanks for everything so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest!

  12. Maggie says:

    You have to wonder how she’s looking for the darkness on the roof during the daytime.

  13. quiltcat says:

    oh Shadowchild, you going to race them up to the top??

  14. Lanthir says:

    Awww, no more archives to read. (T__T) I hate getting used to just being able to click and see the next page, and then suddenly having to wait for updates to find out what happens next.

  15. KNO3 says:

    Prophecy? Gimmie that. (scribble, scribble) there you go. No need to thank digger for editing.

  16. annie says:

    Land sake’s, am I caught up to the present? It’s been a wonderful ride so far.

  17. Pseudo says:

    Whew; finally caught up. And now we play the waiting game…

  18. Pseudo says:

    By the way, where is the paypal ‘donate’ button? Am I just not seeing it?

  19. Taluria says:

    There is non, Psuedo. Digger is now free to read.

  20. Taluria says:

    Dang typos…

  21. bA nAn A says:

    But Pseudo’s looking for the ‘donate’ which is on the right had side at the below all the other things on that side.

  22. Faranior says:

    Doesn’t people learn that you can’t protect yourself from destiny and even less protect your friends from YOUR destiny

  23. TekServer says:

    > Digger would bloody well be coming with me if I had to drag her.

    Yeah, you’d probably have as much luck with that as Murai is with leaving her behind, if Digger wasn’t agreeable.

    It would be entertaining to watch, though.


  24. Absconding_Cascade says:

    Destiny, the annoying supernatural obstructive bureaucrat who you want to punch but can’t so instead you set its paperwork on fire and do things your way.

  25. I want crampons and a rough fieldstone wall to climb and comrades-in-arms and an adventure…

    …and a pony. =(


  26. Tindi says:

    Well, Tek, Digger is vulnerable to being guilted, so how about if I amended that to “if I had to give her the sad eyes until she agreed”? 😀

  27. JET73L says:

    Fieldstone, so not chisel marks. It looks like the pracing at the top is just wood, so apparently that is one of the places where wooden objects had become stone-hard rather than crumbling to dust. It could be some sort of metal thing, but I doubt it.

  28. JET73L says:

    Am I the only one who thought Grim Eyes could have easily told Digger with several thousand kilos of snark in her voice, “let Murai go, the remaining pace and a half is Murai’s journey to walk, and hers alone… *snerk*”?

    Fieldstone, then, not chisel-marks. The bracing at the top seems to be wood, or possibly but in my opinion probably not metal, and luckily it is apparently of the wood that became rock-hard rather than crumbling to dust.

  29. BunnyRock says:

    @Labelleizzy You and me both…

  30. Silver Guardian says:

    @Labelleizzy & BunnyRock: Careful, you two; I know from experience that adventure is a dangerous thing to wish for.

  31. Squeegy says:

    When you can’t run anymore, you crawl, and when you can’t do that anymore, well… you know the rest.