March 14th, 2008


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  1. Lica says:

    Oh, I remember this part!

  2. NigaiAmai Yume says:

    *tries to imagine Digger being seductive*
    Ya, unless it’s another Wombat, a geologist, or an architect, it’s not happening. lol

  3. Brennan says:

    I’m a geologist. *wink*

  4. TekServer says:

    Some people find practical women to be quite seductive, in their way …


  5. Sammi says:

    If I was into marsupials, I’d be all over Digger.

  6. Willow says:

    Seduction by way of a two-hour dissertation on topsoil. Mmmmmm, toasty.

  7. TekServer says:

    I don’t know; topsoil would likely be a pretty dry topic. Well, maybe; depending on the climate in your area. 😉

    Now a lively discussion on the relative merits and usefulness of coal versus diamonds – with or without mercantile considerations; your choice – now that could get interesting …


  8. Dark Hawk says:

    Dear god I love this, comic. Because that is the excat Way Europeans colonist did to help settle colonys easier.

  9. BronzeGolem says:

    As a geologist I can say that talking about geology and picking up ammonites at random are definitely things I look for in a girl, were Digger of the same species I am and inhabiting the same universe I would totally have a major crush on her.

  10. GreyCrowbar says:

    Oh Gods, hahahaha, “Seduce our menfolk”. I was planning to wait for my second time through the archive to comment, but I just couldn’t let that go. So funny, couldn’t breath, damn. Love this webcomic.

  11. Elkian says:

    XD I’m really liking Bone-what’s-her-face there

  12. JET73L says:

    *cheering* Skull Ridge may yet be retroactively avenged!

  13. Did anyone else notice that Boneclaw Mother just descended a rickety ladder on her own?

    Apparently “give me your arm, help me walk” (which she uses both here and elsewhere) is a ploy, not a necessity.

  14. Lilacsofthedead says:

    I wonder if Shadebones is melanistic… or at least partially so. She seems to be the only hyena thus far drawn like that, even allowing for the obviously dim lighting in that hole- uh, I mean, ritual den thingie.

  15. Sophist says:

    *tries to imagine Digger being seductive*

    I dunno, she could invite one to help explore a particularly promising vein of bauxite, or to accompany her on a tour of some of the more elegantly braced tunnels. Nothing more romantic than some well engineered bracing…

  16. BunnyRock says:


    That is to say, bracing. Specifically arch-shaped bracing, from the Latin fornix, meaning an arch or apex.


  17. Mental Mouse says:

    Not a *plot* spoiler, but: No amount of seduction would get a wombat’s prospective mate out of contract negotiations….