March 5th, 2008


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  1. Leela says:

    I love this page, it pulls me right to the center and feels like a great big pit.

  2. Ellemerr says:

    It reminds me. Very much. Of the first panel with Ganesh on it. Whoa.

  3. Tris says:

    Curious title – ‘Little mother of earthquakes’.
    Nice, though.

  4. Eugene says:

    She’s quite the sight.
    Images with concentrated centralized points of interest tend to convey great power upon the viewer. Here we see that technique put to quite effective use.

  5. Lissy says:

    Oh… snap. I was expecting the hyena version of a withered old woman. I feel like an idiot. One very creeped out and impressed idiot. Bravo

  6. Lord the 22nd says:

    I would simply like to second both Tris and Eugene. And curse the two of them for saying what I was gonna say before I could say it.

  7. oh, best honorific EVER.

    *scrambles to start writing honorifics*

  8. SwissChopstix says:

    Why did this make me smile?

  9. JET73L says:

    I expected the Boneclaw Mother to be like Grim Eyes, but more wise. This being is not a complete surprise, but still quite creepy, and quite surprising.

  10. Rakka says:

    Hah! How didn’t I see it the first read? This page is practically 1:1 to the one in Elfquest where the Wolfriders meet Savah for the first time. Nicely done, ma’am!