Cover for Chapter 7
March 6th, 2008

Cover for Chapter 7

I think this is my favorite of all the Digger covers.

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Discussion (10)¬

  1. ah! This is the first piece of your artwork I ever saw! awesome….

  2. That is a pretty damn awesome cover. And I must say, I’m excited. The end of chapter six was as far as I’d proceeded in the story, and from here on out, it’s all new to me. Onward!

  3. armyangel1986 says:

    Just wanted to leave a quick note: the link to Metal and Magic has an extra ‘C’ in ‘com’, it says .comc, so the link doesn’t go where it’s supposed to go.

  4. Nyktipolos says:

    I agree. This is the best cover (not that the other ones arn’t awesome) I love to date.

  5. FixerofBrokenThings says:

    Resembles those blind, hooded Veiled

  6. Hunter says:

    Ominous. I liked the cover with the flying rat on it myself.

  7. Lord the 22nd says:

    Yeah, that hoods not creepy. Not at all!

  8. Kisame says:

    Finally! Some magic digger could hate!

  9. JET73L says:

    Oh, stone eyes. I wonder if the hood is attached to her face. I happened to see that [spoiler], so [spoiler] won’t be a surprise for me, unfortunately.

    Also, big ears. Wow.

  10. TekServer says:

    I wonder if this is still Ursula’s favorite cover, now that the rest have been completed …

    For that matter, I wonder if Ursula still reads these comments …