February 7th, 2008


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  1. Rachelkachel says:

    Man, Ed just breaks your heart. I love what you’ve done with him.

  2. Mark Antony says:


  3. Hunter says:

    A perfect example of Break the Cutie, I think.

  4. Mad Luc says:

    ….*sigh* the desire to bundle Ed up in a fuzzy blanket and give him hot tea and sweetmeats* never gets any lessened, as far as I can tell.

    (*Sweetmeats to use the old meaning, because a carnivore would prefer some choice tidbits over disgusting sucrose)

  5. Arrkhal says:

    The “old” meaning of “meat” was simply “food.” “Sweetmeats” has pretty much always meant pastries. Maybe you’re thinking of “sweatbreads,” which are the thymus and pancreas.

  6. oooh, poor Ed!
    *wanting to huggle Ed and make it all better…*

  7. JET73L says:

    Awww :’ ( Ed is Ed, even if hyena law says otherwise. The hyenas cast him out, made him an it, and Digger made it Ed. She’s like his adoptive society! I want Ed to not be it again… :’ ( A cup of tea and a warm blanket would be good to give to Ed. Warrior herbs might not be a good idea until Ed feels more self-confident, though. Maybe in the third cup, second cup if he’s doing surprisingly well.

  8. BunnyRock says:

    @Hunter : unfortunately this one came pre-broken.

    tea and sweetbreads would be a good move though… the world needs more things capable of dispensing hot tea, sympathy, and offal at will.

    The weighted offal cube will never threaten to eat your name, and in fact cannot speak. If the weighted offal cube does in fact speak, EAT IT!

    … nope, that one dosn’t work somehow…..

  9. Zelith says:

    I’m glad to see while I might have the earliest stripcount footnoted comment I don’t have the first chronological footnoted comment… Although I may still have the first nested footnote. ^-^ We’ll see as we get further along.

  10. Beacon80 says:

    @BunnyRock: the sad thing about broken things, is no matter how you fix them, they can always become broken again, and it usually gets worse each time.