Wombat722 Fall
October 19th, 2010

Wombat722 Fall

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  1. Mishal says:

    Y’know… I don’t know what everyone’s worried about. Killing He-Is is a big part of Digger’s story, yes. But she still has to ride home with Trader Emmanuel, y’know.

  2. Lord the 22nd says:

    Trader Emmanuel has most likely already started off on his way and left Digger behind. There was a bit of moral conflict before Digger went off with the priestess(who’s name escapes me for the moment) an Grimm-Eyes to the monastery. If Digger went along with them, she would miss the Trader and not be able to go with him.

  3. Barry says:

    It seems likely to me that once the god is dead and the demon vanquished, the magic that got Digger so turned around and messed up to start with (when she first appeared in this part of the world) is likely to be dispelled, and she’ll have a short journey back home. I doubt she’ll need Trader Emmanuel.

    A bigger concern (to me) is, will the extradimensional space (or whatever) all this stuff is occupying still have a “close” connection to Ed and Murai’s land, or will they be forced to return with Digger to hers? We could then have the adventure continue as Digger attempts to get them to where he knows Trader Emmanuel will be, and secure passage for them back to where they came from.

    Digger: The Legend Continues.

  4. Veritas says:

    If the magic that got Digger’s tunnel linked to the temple of Ganesh and the cave system with He-Is, vanishes, I think it’s more likely that the tunnel will not, in fact, go much of anywhere.

    Mind you, Digger is on the other side of that divide, so it may be that it’d be easier to get home(finding a way back through that cave system and to her original gas-addled tunnel) than to get back to the temple of Ganesh.

    All of that would assume a lack of ontological inertia, though, and that doesn’t seem to be the case in this setting. Magic can be used up, so something that needs great magic to sustain MIGHT fade quickly when the source is cut, but something less demonstrative and more inert(the tunnel is simply there, not constantly moving about like the cold servants who otherwise might not even qualify as alive without it) might linger for some time.

    You couldn’t trust it, because you never quite know when the magic will give out, but it’d still be there for a time.

  5. Greysfox says:

    I love the way Ed’s taking his name brings him into such distinct definition- now that he is ED, he has a self again, without cringing or equivocation. I love that he does what is needed, even though he is afraid; fear has been Ed’s best friend for along time, until Digger- Woot for Digger!

  6. Attic Rat says:

    Ed is feeling downhearted?

  7. slywlf says:

    That last panel looks to me like the “splat” we’ve been waiting for, with Ed on top, cushioned safely. His expression is what I find so interesting – a sort of spiritual exaltation mixed with resignation. He has done what was asked of him, successfully completed his most important work ever, and he fully expects to die now and isn’t as resigned to it as he expected to be. Obviously YMMV, but then again I’m probably reading too much of my own insight into this.

    Either way – take that SGV!!!! 😛

  8. 13yaroza says:

    I just would like to say I have finished this series in 5 days. And from that I can say…holy *BLEEPZ*! What an awesome series. I use to have this idea that if a story has no love interest it would not be good. This on all levels has DESTROYED that idea. I love this comic!

  9. Meira says:

    @13yaroza True this story has no romantic love interest, but it actually has several love stories involved. Digger’s love for Shadowchild and Ed are love stories. Even the friendship for Murai and Grim Eyes are love stories. We also had Ed’s sad love story in mini form.