August 12th, 2010


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  1. Gramina says:

    Mishal — you should be able to use Open ID — but in any case, if I don’t have anonymous commenting turned on by default, I’ll turn it on when I post :) –should be no later than tomorrow.

  2. Nathan says:

    I don’t think Jhalim needs to think Digger is bad news to think that stopping a deicide is a good idea. It doesn’t even need to be a slippery slope kind of deal: he serves the gods, so allowing one to be killed is bad. This particular killing is more like turning off an ill person’s iron lung, but that would be called murder by some.

  3. EveryZig says:

    Right not I would like to point something out, but Gramina is right about not hijacking the discussion.

  4. Lissy says:

    Thank-you for your inquisitive and mature minds in making responses to the almost-debate that was brought up. It’s a place where emotions may run away with reason. @Elena: Madam Atom’s post implied that she has as reason that she does not attend church, and that this is because of a rejection of God based on something like Boneclaw Mother’s condemnation of a god that would require the life of a child. I felt compelled to defend the reputation of the God of the Bible. I do not defend any particular flavor of Christianity here, indeed, a number of them do not deserve any defense as Hawk points out. I understand now that Madam Atom has her personal reasons, but they are not based on a misunderstanding of the biblical writings.

  5. Nivm says:

    Looking back, does anyone else notice a decrease in detail over time? Or perhaps a missing element of awesome?

  6. Archive says:

    That’s just the feeling of something new becoming familiar, and the fact that you don’t have a whole archive of awesome to read through anymore and only 2 pages a week. (Not dissing the author in ANY way. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for your consistency!)

  7. @Nivm. Element of awesome I think is still there. I think part of the difference might be in thestyle of story telling here. The pace is much master now than it was when Ed was sharing his cave stories with Digger earlier on. If this were a film I imagine there’d be a lot of quick, close shots back and forth between the two characters right now. We”re made to look closer at the facial expressions of the characters and what words they are saying. We are coming up to the climax of the story, and I think Ursula is building up to that and at the same time, preparing us for it.

  8. I was just listening to a Podcast called Galactic Watercooler, and they were covering their experiences at ComiCon this year. At ComiCon there are different panels and symposiums on everything from the up and coming blockbusters, to various comic book artists, to legal ways to protect your graphic art if you are an artist trying to make it in the industry. Some of the guest panels fill up a room very quickly. You could have four hundered or more people in a room and that’s probably an average turn out for some of the bigger guest panels. The GWC guys were talking about how you can think you have the most witty things to say as you wait your turn to ask your question of your favorite stars or artists, and how you suddenly realize you are about to barf up your question in front of 5 to 700 people and you start second guessing if your question is going to come out well or turn to complete gibberish.

  9. I looked at my post two posts ago and realized that I wrote the phrase “The pace is much master now.” I don’t even know what that means! While I agree that Ursula is an artist master this is not what I meant to say. I meant to say that “The pace is much faster now.” There I feel better. Now I will resume my daily gibberish.

  10. Gramina says:

    And as promised — http://gramina.dreamwidth.org/31600.html

    I *think* I have it set so folks can comment anonymously; if you’re nasty, especially to one another, I’ll delete replies, though. Intense is fine — but no ad hominem, and no “all %group are %quality.” And like that. ‘k? ‘k.

  11. rueyeet says:

    Rue? But I’m Rue! ;)

    If Jhalm has any idea what’s at stake here, I’d love to know where he got his information. Sure, we know he believes Digger is up to no good and in league with demons, and that the Statue’s too “senile” to see it. But we’ve seen nothing that definitely indicates that he knows what’s really involved at all — the Statue explicitly asked Murai and Digger not to mention what they found underground to Jhalm, and it prevaricated about their trip to the monastery as well.

    Which makes me wonder again whether Sweetgrass Voice got to Jhalm too. No one else — not even He-is himself — has any vested interest in keeping He-is alive down there.

    @Nivm — the artwork might be simpler, but the lines that ARE there are more eloquent than the greater detail of the early strips. It’s a mark of the practice Ursula has had drawing the characters: the non-essentials are progressively stripped out until only the essence remains.

  12. Azure says:

    Jhalm need not be influenced by “burning sweetgrass voice.” There are other sources where he could have learned about “He-is” from.

    1.) The cold ones. We never saw the full battle between Jhalm, followers, and these twisted Hyenas. One or more of them could have told him about “He-is.” A group of them DID brag to Digger about “He-is” giving them strength before being beat to death by the Vampire Squash.

    2.) The shadowchild. In it’s most innocent form, it actually walked up to Jhalm and asked it a bunch of questions, about everything Digger told it.

    3.) He’s been just off screen on many occasions when Digger and Ghanesh were having their “private” chats, or Digger was angrily berating herself.

    So yeah, Jhalm’s got to make a choice, and it’s not going to be an easy one.

  13. Draco Dei says:

    Isn’t the First-Born a price that She-Is-Fiercer exacts, rather than simply an unavoidable consequence of the business with Sweat-Grass Voice, He-Is, and She-Is?

    Also, lowering of detail is a technique to imply things happening quicker… not sure if that is the reason here or not.