June 17th, 2010


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  1. Valerian says:

    Ohhhhh tension building and I cant stand it! Yes I can! Yes I can! But now I have to wait till Tuesday *droops*

  2. jaynee says:

    *ditto droop*
    Its a whole different way of reading the comic, isn’t it? I just caught up in real time last Tuesday, and waiting till now has been … interesting …

    Do the Skins look a bit less tatty now, too? I think I’m seeing an evolution in style… say, compared with

  3. BarGamer says:

    @Jaynee: Maybe they got new skins since page 235? 😀

  4. Edhelith says:

    Well, as long as they don’t run we should be fine.

  5. TekServer says:

    I wonder what Ed’s reaction will be when he sees the Cold Servants. I don’t think he’s seen them before; only heard about them, but I could be wrong.

    @Jaynee: welcome to the Present! I noticed your trip through the archives was similar to mine: a little slower than some, but reading and contributing to the comments along the way.

    @Sondre: I was going to post it! Eventually … 😉
    Your link is a little different than mine, though they appear to go to the same place:
    I wonder if there’s any functional difference …


  6. Ellis says:

    There are so many ways Ursula could go with this it’s killing me. I’m hoping for a deep meaningful conversation between two husbands who had really bad marriages. At least Ed knows his child is alive and well.

  7. JewelWolf says:

    @Jaynee: Welcome. ^-^ I hadn’t realized how much the skins had changed. It sorta snuck in on me. With the old version, it was much easier to believe they were made out of skin. With these… they just look adorable.

  8. Nicole B says:

    Maybe the skins becoming less tattered is symbolic of how Digger sees them? Maybe she sees them more as allies now, as opposed to being afraid of them, and now she’s seeing them differently.

  9. Hawk says:

    Welcome Jaynee! Welcome to the Waiting Room of Tension!

    They don’t look different to me…but then I generally assimilate differences by assuming lighting choices are different, etc etc…

    I just figure they are now in a darker part of the tunnels. (See what I did there?)

  10. Mark Antony says:

    Given their nature, I can totally believe that they really do look different. They could’ve dyed themselves purple for one thing.

  11. Nutjob says:

    Wait, chamber above…

    Does this mean we get to see Helix’s staircase now?

  12. Exindiv says:

    And there was a hole in the darkness where the ever-present void of light gaped wide becoming also a sucking, oppressive void of heat and hope.
    Go-go Digger pragmatism!

  13. JewelWolf says:

    Hey, random question: do you guys know any webcomics with anthropomorphic characters that I can read other than Concession, Furthia High, Bittersweet Candy Bowl, or Twokinds? I’m on summer vacation and I have all the time in the world.

  14. caio says:

    man i just caught up a few weeks ago, and damn, i love to wait for new comics 😀 i read like, 5 or 6 webcomics, and im about to start a new one, anyone got a suggestion?
    i just love readin’ them like crazy, getting fond of it, really ‘diggin’ it (pun tottally intended) and then all the curiosity and tension of what used to be a continuous story line is developed in like a month or so
    so anyone got a hint for me, i wanna start readin a new comic.
    I already caught up with gunnerkrigg court, snowflakes, smbc, oots and questionable content. and this one, wich is one of the best ones, of course.

  15. Sarah says:

    JewelWolf — try Ozy and Mille (www.ozyandmillie.org) — 10 years worth of archives; finished story.

  16. Uberursa says:

    @Jewelwolf Leesee, there’s “Precocious” (http://www.precociouscomic.com/index.php) and “DMFA” (http://www.missmab.com/index.php) although the latter is on a short hiatus…and if concession is not explicit enough for you there’s “Jack” which I won’t link because I entertain delusions of decency.

  17. JewelWolf says:

    Ten years? Wow… that could take up a whole weekend. Thanks.

  18. JewelWolf says:

    Does it have any plot?

  19. CyberCorn Entropic says:

    JewelWolf – Try the Belfry: http://belfrycomics.net/view/all

  20. Melissa Trible says:

    re: Ozzie and Millie–It’s mostly gag-a-day, but it has some plot, or at least reoccurring threads.

  21. BlueAloe says:

    JewelWolf: try Newshounds ( http://www.newshounds.com). Almost ten years of the first comic, then the artist took a break and restarted it with as more of a graphic novel, with longer and more complex storylines.

  22. Otookee says:

    @JewelWolf: I’d also recommend Freefall:
    a thieving, squidlike alien, his robot pal, and a gene-engineered wolf

  23. BunnyRock says:

    Hum, my post does not seem to have appeared. How peculiar. Must be too many links. anyway here is what I was going to post without the links: you can find it all if you just google the name, followed by “webcomic”

    “Ditto Freefall. A VERY good comic. Also Kevin and Kell, probably the FIRST web only comic in the world, so an archive that streches back to the mid 90’s. Good luck. That’s right, the original webcomic: webcomics, a 100% fur-created medium. It has a strong plot, although the early ones are more gag-a-day. lots of computer-humor.

    DMFA (Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures) is excellent. A weird little fantasy comic that is, like freefall, both funny and moving by turns. Well worth a read, but another BIG back archive.

    Code name hunter is also an excellent read. Very strong plot, excellent artwork, good urban-fantasy setting. Imagine James bond, if he was a mouse, living in a universe where magic existed unbeknownst to 99% of the population, and his job was to deal with it for Queen and Country.

    Faux pas is stretching the definition of “anthropomorphic” as it’s just about animals who happen to be intelligent, but it’s an excellent, genuinely sweet comic with lots of humorous miss-understandings and fish out of water scenarios.

    The Whiteboard is stretching the definition the other way in that it was never meant to be a comic about anthro animals, but the artist discovered he couldn’t draw humans so the main character became a polar bear out of artistic necessity and the rset of tha cast followed. I think the author’s description sells it best: “Alaska’s number one paintballing webcomic.”

    And although HG’s an anthropomorphic PLANT and thus outside of the parameters of the original question, I couldn’t not mention Bob the Angry Flower. Borderline NSFW and utterly, utterly insane. No plot, no continuity, no mercy. Very funny in a mildly psychotic way.

    And now we get to some comics I read, but would like to put separate to the above as although good they are most defiantly not suitable for work. Or anywhere else for that matter. VG cats, Exterminatus now, Black Tapestries, and Jack.

    VG cats is a simple Gag a day, two computer-gamers on a couch comic. But hosted by two foul-mouthed, evil minded cats. And as you TV tropers will know, Trope namer for “face-full of alien wing-wong” which pretty much tells you what you need to know about the tone of the jokes.

    Exterminatus Now is set, and I still can’t quite believe this, in a universe that’s a cross between the universe of warhammer 40k and the sonic the hedgehog games. A Sonic-esque fox, rat, echidna and cat hunt down daemons and heresy most foul when they’re not hampered by their incompetence, misanthropy, cowardice, sociopathic behaviour, foul language, laziness and nasty perverted little minds. Monty python jokes and far too much dead baby humour.

    Black tapestries is a simple story. One of the age old classics: foul mouthed, cynical, drunken and racist female assassin in fantasy world with both humans and anthropomorphic animals is hired by a mystical order of magic users to kill a fox that’s been giving them trouble, and as she hates anthro animals she willing accepts. But they neglected to mention the fox is a magic user, although supposedly only humans can use magic in this setting, who has put a spell on the town he’s in that turns any human that enters it into an anthro animal. This fox then decides she’s the re-incarnation of his long dead love and she now has to deal with being a were-fox and being pursued by a deranged sorcerer whilst dealing with her own racial pre-conceptions and random violence from all sides. What could be simpler?
    Actually that’s a simplification because I wanted to keep out too many spoilers. Very complex plot, some dark, dark humour, and LOTS of violence, gore, adult themes.

    And now for the one that actually scares me: Jack.
    As TV Tropes would put it “pure unadulterated High Octane Nightmare Fuel”. It has excellent writing, constantly good art and DEAR GOD I WANT TO FORGET PARTS OF IT BUT THEY DON’T MAKE BRAIN-BLEACH THAT STRONG! Forensic archaeology classes I’ve been to were less stomach-churning.
    So not safe for work it couldn’t see it on a clear night, let alone poke at it with a barge-pole. Set in hell, which should give you a clue as to the sort of random, reasonless torture that is the background to the actual plot. However, it is at times oddly sweet, and along with Freefall and Digger one of only three comics ever to make me genuinely cry. If you can read past the “games we play in hell” arch without dropping it in disgust and horror you’ll probably be hooked for life. If you can’t, you probably in the majority. So love-it-or-hate-it that even mentioning it is banned on some forums because doing so is guaranteed to start a flame war. Centres around the theme of punishment, forgiveness and redemption and has the single smartest depiction of punishment in hell I’ve ever seen. How do you punish an utterly evil person, who made their entire life revolve around death? You take away their memories of it, restore them to the good person they could have been, and force them to act as the grim reaper. There entire existence will still revolve around death, just as they tried so hard to ensure in life, but he’ll hate it. And the thought “What did I do to deserve this, what sort of monster WAS I?” will gnaw at them. Very, very scary, very, very unpleasant. Occasionally hopeful.

  24. jaynee says:

    My thanks to all for the recommendations, which I am shamelessly poaching. Until I started reading Digger (thanks again, Tek), the last comics I read were Cerebus & Dan O’Neill (yeah, I’m that old), so the entire world of webcomics is about to become my bivalve, whooppee!

    And a special thanks to Hawk for the welcome to the WR of T.