June 22nd, 2010


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  1. Hg says:

    Aw, how sweet of them.

  2. Gramina says:

    It would be. Yes. Very hard.

    *blinks* I do love the Skins so very very much.

  3. Robin Bobcat says:

    Fine sentiment indeed! Gotta have those priorities in order.


  4. Aria says:

    You can’t accuse them of not having their priorities clear. Yay for Skins.

  5. Azzandra says:

    Aww, how touching. They’re wishing Digger and Ed a non-horrible death!

  6. BarGamer says:

    “If you do manage to die in a non-horrible manner…” “Without too many holes in your skins.”
    “We will write the left-hand names of God with the new ink, on your skins.” “It will be our tribute to you.”
    “Yes.” “Yes.”

  7. Wombat32 says:

    The skins are at the very least always pragmatic…

  8. Madam Atom says:

    Skins. So creepy. So cute.

    Go vote!


  9. Hebi R. says:

    Considering they seem to think having your skins taken is an honor, it is kind of sweet. They actually implied they might go through the effort of gathering the skins anyway, which suggests that the skinlizards are fond of Ed and Digger.

  10. Jassius says:

    With good wishes like that for the travel it would be no surprise if next time (?) their guest just sneaks before dawn or whatever equivalent they happen to have down there 😀

  11. Hawk says:

    Who’s to say Digger didn’t wake them up? She yelled for them, after all.

    Can’t wait to see what will happen next…although I bet we cut to the front of the temple next strip.

    *impatient waiting*

  12. TekServer says:

    So, when do you think we can hope to see the Skin Lizard plushies hit the market?


  13. Brave Horatio says:

    Wow, that’s almost sweet. Almost.

  14. Chip Uni says:

    Crowning moment of awesome for the Skin Lizards!

  15. Silly Question Alert! Where’s Ed? In the first frame is that Ed’s shoulder and head on the left hand side of the frame? He would be facing Digger.

  16. Barry says:

    I suspect Thursday will be Digger and Ed, gathering their resolve and preparing to head into the hole. Tuesday will be them heading into the hole. Thursday will be the skins commenting on their departure.

    Ursula seems to take great pleasure in making us wait as long as possible.

  17. mouse says:

    I love the suggestion that, even if Digger & Ed do fail and die horribly, all will not be in vain – because at least the skin lizards will have a better way to make purple ink.

    They are such delightfully self-centered little creatures. Kind of like cats.

  18. CoyoteGrey says:

    I love the skins. The world they live in is elegant in its simplicity. And I also want a skin lizard plushie.

  19. kat says:


    You know, this is not usually what people mean by “insanely cute”. And yet they *are*.

    In so many, many ways.

  20. Ferret with a Stapler says:

    Is it just me, or does Digger seem a little…scared?

  21. The Occupant says:

    Cuteness, they has it. And so do Digger, Ed, all manner of Trolls, honorary and not, and Shadowchild.
    I would make a Shadowchild plushie, but I know of no fabric stores that sells shadow by the yard.

  22. Madam Atom says:

    TekServer and CoyoteGrey: I’d buy one. Or at least pester people to gift me one. 🙂

    Also Shadowchild, Ed, Digger herself, maybe a vampire squash …

  23. BunnyRock says:

    @ MadamAtom: Puty me down for a Shadowchild one.

  24. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    -We will make the plushies. Out of skins.

    – Yes.

    – We will put their names on them. And copyright notices.

    – Yes. In purple ink.

    – And we will sell them to the fans.

    – Yes. We like the fans. 7@=e

  25. hari says:

    best best


  26. UrsulaV says:

    Okay, Lucius, that made me laugh like an idiot.

  27. jaynee says:

    Me three.

  28. Sorcerertech says:

    Okay, is it just me, or does Digger seem somewhat…scared?

  29. jaynee says:

    Next button?
    Go do all those other things you’re *supposed* to be doing, dammit!

  30. Rags says:

    Insanely cute or cutely insane, that’s th question.

  31. Ellemerr says:

    Shush, jaynee! You’re ruining my mood! I’m in my happy place, gamboling in a tunnel. With moles, gorramit! Don’t you dare mentioning *supposed*-stuff when there’s gamboling to be enjoyed. *glares*