May 11th, 2010


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  1. Tindi says:

    Am I really the first one here? Wow. That never happens…
    Anyway, I knew Digger would apologize for making their lives difficult, because she’s like that. Hopefully someone (possibly Ed) will make the skins understand that this needs to be done.

  2. Shadw21 says:

    Darn, so close and maybe she should promise to let the Skins have her skin if she doesn’t succeed in killing the god or dies in the process?

  3. Sondre says:

    So, how many facepalms do we count now?

  4. JewelWolf says:

    http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx Don’t forget to vote!

    Also, she sounds like me whenever I’m not sure of an answer at school. “Oh, you called on me for that question? Well, I believe the answer is photosysisis. Probably. I think. I hope.
    …I wish.”

  5. TekServer says:

    > So, how many facepalms do we count now?

    117, 99 of which (including this one) were performed by Digger. The next one will be her 100th facepalm; any more bets on who will cause it?

    (See the link under my user name for the Facepalm Count page I created – it’s not fancy, just a basic Google Docs page, but it has links to each and every page containing a facepalm … assuming I didn’t miss any. If you find one I missed, you’ll get the credit for it!)


  6. Exindiv says:

    She will most definitely get rid of the cold servants and prevent them from ever harassing the skins again – unless she doesn’t. Definitely going to happen that way – unless it doesn’t. No doubt about the outcome – unless it doesn’t work out that way. Yep. In the words of the Knave of Hearts: I’m an man of independent means – provided I don’t live past next Tuesday.

  7. Hawk says:

    Roll that beautiful Will Save, Digger!!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist the D&D reference for myself. I have SO MANY moments in my D&D games where I have to facepalm, take several deep breaths, and then apologize…or at least my character has to!

  8. Gramina says:

    (What is Digger doing down in the 40s on the Top WebComics list?? Come on, folks πŸ™‚ Bring it up a bit!)

  9. Rowanmdm says:

    Ah, one of the things I love about Digger: her honesty. The easy way would be to guarantee they’re getting rid of the cold servants, but Digger takes the high road and only says they hope to take them out. And that is yet another reason why I love her.

  10. Jewelwolf says:

    I just realized how nice this website is. Ya know? No other webcomic allows readers to actually comment on each page. They just let you read it. A few others have the option of chatting with other fans, but they never chat about the comic.

  11. I like Digger’s simple gesture of apology. Sometimes the simplest things we do can bring abount some pretty amazing things. Mustard seeds and Moved mountains.

  12. Atre says:

    Digger should also be loved for geology. It’s a fething awesome subject :D.

  13. TekServer says:

    @Jewelwolf: actually, several of the other webcomics I read have active comment sections. Probably the most notable (of the ones I read, at least) is The Dreamland Chronicles, where the “community” in the comments is at least as active and diverse as the one here, and the author is a lot more interactive than Ursula is (NOTE: not a criticism, Ursula; I suspect you still read all of these, and I’ve seen you post in here before – you just don’t do it every day like Scott does … ).

    Zap is another where the comment community is fairly active, though once you’ve gotten used to the WordPress comment system used here (and at TDC), the Disqus comment system over there takes some getting used to. (They don’t have smileys, for one thing … 😯 )


  14. JewelWolf says:

    I’ll have to check into those. What are they about?

  15. Terry says:

    I love the use of different fonts for different sorts of beings.

    Who/What would speak in Comic Sans?

  16. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    Hmmm….. perhaps the facepalm is because she forgot to bring the charts, calculator &c. for a comprehensive risk / benefit analysis? (sounds like that would be proper Wombat SOP) 7@=Q

  17. TekServer says:

    > What are they about?
    The Dreamland Chronicles is about Alex Carter (~age 20 or so) who discovers that the land he used to visit in his dreams as a child is in fact very real. Dragons, fairies, dwarves, and much more, all done in a stunning 3-d CGI style. There is a movie deal in the works, so that should give you some idea of the quality of the story. Safe for kids, but definitely still good enough for adults.

    Zap is a Space Opera of sorts, with a fairly clueless but lovable main character (with amnesia), psychics of awesome power, cool spaceships (that may be sentient), and much more. And a catgirl in a thong. πŸ˜‰
    Done in kind of an anime style, with incredible improvement in the art from the start of the archive to present.

    Check ’em out! The links are in my previous post …

  18. the dark ferret says:

    That’s possibly a very definite maybe. Kinda. In a way. Y’know?

  19. Jewelwolf says:

    @Tekserver: I’ll do that. I’ve noticed that, just like with Zap, a lot of comics improve from the begining to the present. Some improve more than others. Two webcomics, the artists of which seem to be well aquainted with each other, are great examples of this. Concession, which starts off with absolutely horrid art, becomes a masterpiece in just a couple of years. Furthia High starts off with attrotious renderings of furries, and barely improves at all over time.

  20. TekServer says:

    The Dreamland Chronicles shows improvement in the art over time too, but for a different reason: technological improvements. (In other words, Scott got a new workstation and upgraded software to render the comics on!)


  21. BunnyRock says:

    @Hawk as the spoof RPG motivational poster put it : Charisma: not necessarily a dump stat. Also glad to be back, been digging for two weeks and it’s nice to be back online and sleep indoors again.

  22. TekServer says:

    If anyone still reads this and hasn’t checked out The Dreamland Chronicles, now is a good time to do so. Scott has restarted posting them, because they’re being hand redrawn by a wonderful artist named Tracy. He’s doing this because of technological problems that made finishing the story using CGI impossible.
    FWIW, Scott is a great guy and ranks up there with Ursula as one of my all time favorite webcomic creators.