March 11th, 2010


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  1. We can beat Charby the Vampirate! Remember Tunnel 17!
    I like the vampires in Digger better than the ones in Charby 🙂

  2. Digger is back up in the top 50. Quite literally She’s number 50. Something called Clockworks is 49th. I took a quick peek. Mind you, I didn’t stay to survey anything, but I think our Digger can beat it. Let’s win one for the Digger!

  3. Jewelwolf says:

    Wait just a moment. Isn’t it Tuesday? Where’s the new page? I’m frightened and confused!

  4. quiltcat says:

    where oh where is today’s Digger update??

  5. Diddu says:

    She probably set the publish date to 03.16.2110 or something similar (: Get here soon Digger page!

  6. Gramina says:

    Digger is at 48 – yay!

    But there’s no Tuesday Digger up yet!! 🙁 *weeps*

  7. inlaid says:

    Can’t breathe! No Digger! Argh!

  8. Maybe Ursula got caught up in the time change. Digger is up to 47. 46 is something called Spying with Lana. Sometimes I check the Webcomics at work during my breaks. This is problematic, at times, because sometimes some of the comics show a bit too much flesh. You know how fast I hit the back up button just in case someone behind me was walking up.

  9. Question for Ursula or any of those close to her. How do you priortize your day. You have Digger, and I know at some point there will be another Dragonbreath book. Plus all the other jobs she gets. Plus all the conventions, and then there is time for family. How do you do it all?

  10. BunnyRock says:

    @Hunter… “Why not hurl He-is’s liver into mount doom… OVER SGV’s defences!”

    and @ TrogDog, the LAST thing a person as unfortunate as Ed needs is anything called a “fubar” I don’t know about the US but in British military slang one tries to avoid letting things get fubar.

  11. Jonn says:

    My theory, Duck Whisperer? An army of clones.

  12. Tamfang says:

    “When the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw.” And a crow from a hammer.

  13. Romanticide says:

    Maybe and axe, a hammer and a crowbar would have been useful at the same time… maybe…