March 9th, 2010


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  1. What, I’m first?


  2. Sondre says:

    Go Commando Squad Digger! 😀

  3. Kevinbunny says:

    *hums Mission Impossible theme*

  4. starblade42 says:

    Move over batman! The Crowbar is the new Batarang!

  5. dragon mith says:

    wait, how is the hole so big now?
    (it’s NOT what she said.)

  6. the unclean one says:

    Caution hitchhikers may be escaped convicts,

  7. Sarah says:

    dragon mith — I expect either the cold servants or Ganesh’s people enlarged at least the opening to make it easier to travel.

  8. JewelWolf says:

    That’s it. I’m tying a crowbar to my belt today. “Oh hai, Mrs. Principal. What’s against the rules, you say? But it’s from a literary MASTERPEICE!”
    Oh, and I’m going to beat Tekserver to it this time. Don’t forget to VOTE! http://topwebcomics.com/gpages/default.aspx?id=10180

  9. Hunter says:

    Well this was a bit short, but there’s always Thursday!

  10. Hawk says:

    And for a minute there I thought Ganesh was hugging Digger…! My brain sees strangeness when I’m sleepy.

    I’m humming the heroic themes from Lord of the Rings actually…! Forth Eolingas type music!

  11. Marrock says:

    *cues up the theme music from Raiders*

  12. Marie says:

    Ed looks so…determined…

  13. Faranior says:

    @dragon mith: umm…your comment made think about that interpretation, wouldn’t even have crossed my mind otherwise. XD

  14. Niall says:

    Why do I get a foreboding feeling that Digger will never come back to that end of the tunnel? Methinks once the god is truly dead and the magic disspelled, that her original tunnel _to_ this area will be findable again, and she can go back home…

  15. WorkingVolition says:

    Is Ed wearing undergarments? I can’t tell…

  16. Awesome duos Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch, and now Digger and Ed.

  17. TekServer says:

    @JewelWolf: Thanks! Voting, and reminding each other to vote, is a community effort, so I appreciate all the help I can get! I’m still hoping we can talk Ursula into vote incentives …

    I love the subtle contrast here: Ed has a crowbar belted to his waist, and a necklace of teeth and/or claws, and little else, though one might assume he has some painting supplies on him somewhere. Digger, on the other hand, has her usual practical Backpack Of Useful Things …


  18. Rowan says:

    I had the training theme from the original Karate Kid pop into my head as Ed tied on the crowbar 🙂

  19. JewelWolf says:

    Hey guys, just letting you know, I changed my picture that comes with my posts, so no, there is not a new JewelWolf.

  20. Sylphish says:

    Nice, although with Ed’s short legs that’s bound to be a bit awkward. Especially as it might slither out while running.

  21. Attic Rat says:

    Does Ed ever use any sort of weapon while hunting for food? He’s not a warrior, but he is a carnivore who’s been feeding himself for a while under primitive conditions by hunting game (unless there is a lot of carrion about). He should carry whatever he’s accustomed to using, along with the crowbar.

  22. Lachesis says:

    from what i recall of the tunnel dimensions, Slyphish, i’m not sure much running is possible.

  23. mackennzie says:

    Hey, if they encounter any headcrabs down there, they are totally prepared.

  24. BunnyRock says:

    @ Marroc by raiders do you mean raiders of the lost ark? maybe I’m biased, but I heard the Indiana Jones music as Ed belted up.

  25. EveryZig says:

    @ Attic Rat- When he tried to eat digger he did not seem to have a weapon.

  26. TekServer says:

    > When he tried to eat digger he did not seem to have a weapon.

    True, but he was in his own cave, stalking sleeping prey that appeared to him to be a large rat. It wouldn’t have been unreasonable for him to assume no weapon beyond teeth and claws was needed.


  27. Silver Guardian says:

    WorkingVolition: I’m only guessing, but given the shape of the shadows on Ed, and taking into account the typical garb of hyenas in their prime, I don’t think he is.