October 6th, 2009


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  1. Angatyr says:

    I made the mistake of breezing through the archives, while getting caught up. Now I’ve got to wait just like everyone else… Oh well.
    Y’know, some of these panels almost look like scratchboard work… Anyway, great story! Keep it up Ms. Vernon!

  2. JewelWolf says:

    First comment! Friking awesome!
    Anyway, it seems the characters have the same feelings we’re having, and everyone, including the fictional people, hyenas, and wombats that we all so adore, thinks- No, not thinks, KNOWS that they need out of that tunnel, but we all know it won’t happen fast enough.

  3. 12Many says:

    I agree with jewel wolf.
    (Hurry up, Thursday!)

    albeit the temple is in ruins when they get there.

  4. Mark Antony says:

    I wonder if Digger’s glow stick uses luminescent bacteria or chemiluminescence. If it’s the latter, I’m picturing a wombat in a lab coat trying to separate pure hydrogen peroxide from water without vacuum distillation and ending up with singed snout fur for his trouble.

  5. Hawk says:

    Chemistry: magic for the uneducated.

    I too feel the sense of urgency. I must invent a time machine to allow Thursday to follow Tuesday with no waiting!!!

    ./scrambles to the secret lab

  6. quiltcat says:

    *laughs* “…or moving away from whatever optimal state of deadness we were hoping to achieve”….interesting thought, that, how a god could be more dead, less dead, or optinally dead, not just “god is dead.”

  7. TekServer says:

    “optimal state of deadness” has been officially added to my lexicon! :mrgreen:

    Now I have to refresh my memory on who Rath is …


  8. TekServer says:


    Never mind; I found it. Rath is the name of the village (where Digger fought the bandits and got a crossbow bolt to the shoulder for her trouble, where the hag lives, etc.).


  9. CJ says:

    (insert Han Solo voice here) I have a bad feeling about this.

  10. Limax says:

    CJ, Han Solo never said that line.

  11. Nimras says:

    “Optimal State of Deadness” should be a band.

    Or something.

  12. Dominique says:

    Hear that ratcheting noise? That’d be the tension. At least it’s a Tuesday.

  13. JewelWolf says:

    Omg, Nimras is right! I’d listen to them any day!

  14. KNO3 says:

    Well if you give a demon enough time they will heal or build up power…

  15. Rowanmdm says:

    Nimras, that is an awesome band name!

    “and it wasn’t like the dead god was getting any less dead.” Um, did anyone else get a sense of foreboding at those words? The dead god isn’t quite dead yet, so it is theoretically possible for him to be revived. That would probably complicate things, especially since another god would have to get involved to make that happen.

  16. JewelWolf says:

    You’re not suggesting… She is?

  17. TekServer says:

    Perhaps She’ll upgrade her name again by the end of this: She-Is-STILL-Fiercer …


    (Not that anyone cares, but this now finishes my 3rd pass through the archives … )

  18. ysabet says:

    How about “She-Is-Kickass”? XD

  19. TekServer says:

    Oh, and BunnyRock (wherever you are), love the new gravatar! (Saw it a few pages back … )


  20. TekServer says:

    > How about β€œShe-Is-Kickass”? XD

    Yeah, that works too.


  21. dkkauwe says:

    i love it. “insomuch as it was clear about anything.”
    well, he’s a child! what do you expect. we’re never particularly clear about anything.

  22. Tindi says:

    I realize this is totally random, but I’m among friends here, I hope: I miss Ed! I love story and it’s all kinds of awesome going on, but… *sniffles* I miss Ed.
    I love how Digger points out that going down the stairs three at a time isn’t going to help anything, and yet she’s doing it anyway. πŸ˜€

  23. Mad Luc says:

    Hee! Hey, Tak- second time, if you don;t count reading the free archive up to the stopping point. In which case, it;s five.

    I hope the Ganesh is alright… we have a very small brass ganesh statue that we set out milky sweets for. I’m rather fond of the god.

  24. JewelWolf says:

    Tindi’s right. Ed’s been very, very high on my list of favorite characters since he first showed up as just another threat Vernon was thowing at Digger.

  25. BunnyRock says:

    yeah> I too have always had a soft spot for Ed.

    And TekServer, thanks about the avitar.

  26. Matanui3 says:

    Man, every time they say “Rath,” I keep thinking about the place in Magic the Gathering and wondering why they would want to go there at all… and then I remember it is just the name of a town.