April 23rd, 2009


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  1. Eliza says:

    I love her concerned face. That must be a wombat tragedy…

  2. AlpineBob says:

    OK, but why spend all that time designing a staircase _to_ someplace you _don’t_ want people to go?
    Wouldn’t a hard to cross chasm or hard to open door help get the point across?

  3. BarGamer says:

    Panel 3 is just so precious… X3

  4. Oscelot says:

    I also love Digger’s concerned, consolatory face.. it must be like having a child die for a wombat. Also, hooray for wombat efficacy.

  5. Laqez says:

    Serious warface in the last frame.
    Must remember not to aggravate wombats.

  6. Victor Wren says:

    Putting a plaque up and a staircase leading down seems an un-wombat way of dealing with something you don’t want people to mess with. I’d imagine the wombat solution would involve mult-ton slabs of granite blocking ANY access. Okay, and MAYBE a plaque.

  7. Niall says:

    ONE wombat was enough to put a spanner in plans of dead gods. TWO wombats in concert? Watch out, there’s going to be hell to pay…

  8. Lachesis says:

    on the up-beat side, Digger must be nothing short of ecstatic to FINALLY have someone she can have a sensible, no-nonsense, let’s-leave-all-the-god-stuff-out-now-shall-we conversation with.

    (yes, my middle name is “Writer-of-unnecessarily-convoluted-sentaces”; why do you ask?

  9. Lachesis says:


    i swear, this comment box brings out the >fail< in my writing skills.

  10. Lanthir says:

    Aww, poor Helix! I love how Digger tries to comfort him.

  11. Diatryma says:

    I like that the ghosts are gray. I only noticed that yesterday, and it really does make them seem less connected to the rest of the world.

  12. Kate says:

    Poor Helix. At least Digger understands what the problem is…

  13. JoeNotCharles says:

    Maybe they were supposed to send technicians down to do maintenance on the chains from time to time, and they wanted a big staircase so that nobody forgot about it.

  14. CJ says:

    Is Helix a he or a she? Do we know? I’ve seen both pronouns in comments.

  15. Eseme says:

    Helix had a wife, and has children with her. Unless wombat biology is rather odd for a mammal, Helix is a he.

  16. tiggertoo says:

    I’m sure the staircase was part of the original “architecture to impress the peasants” plan. The eight foot tall plaque was likely some variation of “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!” in several languages — including Wombat (of course, the Wombat text said something more along the lines of “run for your lives – this place is infested with fools, idiots, dwarves, and gods and is held together by spit and magic”).

    Digger was contemplating something similar a while back after leaving Ed’s cave after seeing his little Digger wall painting — she hadn’t yet left behind anything of her own design of somewhat permanent nature as her legacy. Helix has to be extremely disappointed right now — the only wombat in a 1,000 years that could have seen and truly appreciated his great staircase and she didn’t see it (and it might not even be there anymore). Tragic to see one’s legacy fall to dust — doubly so for Wombats – and Digger understands this all too well.

  17. Siege says:

    I’d bet that Helix’s name comes from that staircase (a wombat rite of passage, anyone?), AND that the staircase was intended to go somewhere much better for the life of a wombat than a god-quest. Unintended consequences for the… win? Win for us, anyway!

  18. Rhan says:

    Well Siege, you just wrote my comment for me. Thank you.

  19. UCGV Defenestration says:

    Huzzah! I’ve finished the archive!

    FRAK!!! I’ve finished the archive!!


  20. Rags says:

    Everything from the beginning!
    He’s not asking for much is he?

  21. Aelfwine says:

    Poor Helix.

    That must suck, doing all that work and not even having it seen by the first person he’s met in ages who’d properly appreciate it.

    I’m looking forward to finding out how he reacts once Digger’s story’s been told.

  22. Gramina says:

    I am *so ready* for Tuesday!

    And yeah, I suspect the staircase was part of the original specs — but I also suspect Helix added the 8′ warning plaque independently. I know *I’ve* done things based on client specs that I thought were foolish…

    (I’d kinda like to see it, too. Hafta hope Digger’s right, and she actually *did* come in the side/back way. I’d like to see what becomes of a wombat-built staircase over the eons.)

  23. KNO3 says:

    I wonder if Digger’s thinking “Hey! Where’s the damn manual!” Then again very folks few read manuals.

  24. LittleBeast says:

    I think Helix didn’t so much want to keep everyone out, as he(she?) just wanted to keep wombats out. Especially wombats related to him(her?).

    Anyone else can go frolic with the god as far as he’s (she’s?) concerned.

  25. mouse says:

    well, she _did_ come in via ganesh’s temple and/or a tunnel dug while she was in an hallucinatory state – that can’t possibly have been the intended front door. and i am guessing the staircase was done for the same people who requested the shackles for the god – they may have had some whole ritual thing going. either that, or they wanted an easy way to drag in new lizards to keep the heart going. i like tiggertoo’s suggestion for the plaque – well, we all know translations between languages are never exact; one could translate “here lies the undead god, worship we who bound him” as “_really_ weird shit with god going on down below; stay well clear of the keepers”.

  26. Kelci says:

    Damn back doors. They ruin all the best laid staircases.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Is anyone else reminded of the carnivorous staircase in Eland’s journal? It seems like the description was fairly similar and there WAS a plaque warning people not to go up the stairs….ofcourse it may have been because the stairs would eat you…. I probably just need some sleep. But how cool would that be?

  28. UCGV Defenestration says:

    I really doubt the guys who put that god down there have anything to do with the guys trying to revive it, mouse.

  29. Kevinbunny says:

    I am willing to bet that wombats do, in fact, read the manuals. Then they go back with a red pen and correct all the spelling and grammar errors. Then, after they’ve used the thing for a bit, go ahead and make additions to the manuals.

    I bet that most wombat manuals are in three-ring binders, with chapter tabs , and a proper index.

  30. Teej says:

    UCGV Defenestration – I had the *exact* same reaction. *smile*

  31. walabane says:

    awesome comic just found it today and blazed through the archives
    and now comes the worst part about webcomics the waiting for the next update
    great art awesome story cant wait to see what happens next

  32. Wolf says:

    Having a massive, over-engineered staircase to something you hope no one will ever find is EXACTLY what a good wombat does. A job worth doing is a job worth doing RIGHT. Poor Helix; his signature gets seen on something embarrassing for a wombat to even be involved in, and his one point of professional pride goes unnoticed and unappreciated. ;.;

  33. CovenantFan says:

    Lachesis it was you who came up with “Hyena God on Dubious Life Support” wasn’t it? If not, don’t you wish you had?

  34. Faranior says:

    Me too UCGV and Teej, because I doubt that the dragonbird-dressed hyenas (can’t remember what they were called) would want their god chained like that. It’s more likely that they can’t break the wombatmade shackles and are just keeping He-Is alive for future rescue. Maybe he could have a third word in his name like She-Is-Fiercer has, something like He-Is-Alive maybe 😀

  35. Hunter says:

    You’d think, that with Helix being part of what’s keeping that dead god restrained, they would have AT LEAST INCLUDED A STAIRCASE.

  36. Kisame says:

    The worst nightmare of an architect, you find out your hard work came out useless

  37. Shiiba says:


  38. JET73L says:

    Faranior: No, He-is had his name eaten. Now he is only he who was He-is.

    It /does/ sound lime a very good staircase. I hope it is there and Digger just missed it. Somehow. Despite wandering around the temple quite a bit, and using both the front door, back door, and archives. Maybe the staircase is at the back of the archives.

  39. JET73L says:

    Faranior: No, He-is had his name eaten. Now he is only he who was He-is.

    It /does/ sound lime a very good staircase. I hope it is there and Digger just missed it. Somehow. Despite wandering around the temple quite a bit, and using both the front door, back door, and archives. Maybe the staircase is at the back of the archives. Chief Librarian Vo or one of his predecessors might have been using the plaque as a sort of Rosetta Stone, and making very little progress thanks to the lack of exact translation.

  40. Dare says:

    Perhaps Digger actually came across the staircase, but was to high on bad earth to notice…