Is this thing on?

Well, gang, here we have it–the new Digger site!

Craziness! Madness! Bunnies!

Graphic Smash has decided to spin Digger off and give it its own home! And there was much rejoicing! Yaaaay!

For everybody who’s wondering what this means, Digger will no longer be subscription only. I’m very grateful to all my loyal subscribers–you guys kept Digger afloat for years, and I quite literally would not be here without you! I’m trying to figure out something nice to do as a thank you–watch this space for developments on that front.

As for people new to Digger–or who started, and hit the wall and didn’t finish, or drifted off, or missed an update, or whatever–welcome! Great to see you again!

Discussion (53)¬

  1. jere7my says:

    I can’t see the nav buttons either, using Firefox (Firefox 3 doesn’t work with my OS.) I just heard about the comic from a friend, and was eager to give it a look-see, but I think that’ll have to wait until the button issue is fixed.

    But…um…the first few pages look good!

  2. T_wanderer says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. I loved your comic from the very first page, and I love seeing the cosmology and even the body of language and “maxims” grow. But when I hit the pay only cut off, I was devastated. My wife and I are too poor and I could never justify paying even a few dollars to enjoy something that will disappear when I stop feeding it money. I just read your archives and the writing is really spectacular. We’re still struggling, financially, but when Digger is done and finished, you can sign us up for the Giant Coffee Table Collection of Digger. Once again, thank you.
    -T. Wanderer

  3. tuscaloosasteve says:

    I think you’re going to be as viral as H1N1, I’ve already used shadowchild as a roleplay device in my RPGA living forgotten realms campaign, and once the players got an idea of what it was about… I directed them to your comic. I even suggested it as a resource for basic ethics to a professor of philosophy I game with 🙂