August 7th, 2008


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  1. Siege says:

    This isn’t quite the action I had anticipated, but it’s certainly a surprise nonetheless.

  2. The Dark Ferret says:


  3. Has Manuel a brother, perhaps? LOL

  4. Blue Wizard says:

    Small typo, I think, in the last panel. “…and nobody _every_ found out what was in those herbs.”

  5. Werrf says:

    Manuel didn’t have a brother, but he DID have a mentor who died in a way that the Hag heard about.

  6. bA nAn A says:

    my thoughts exactly werrf. but he wasn’t lynched. rather, he was stepped on by a camel: https://diggercomic.com/?p=654

    “but i didn’t even tell her the unspeakable part….”

  7. Jamie4 says:

    Perhaps he was lynched, but the camel dealt the fatal blow. And, of course, this story was most likely passed on through friends of a friend so ‘camel’ could have easily originated as ‘centaur-like deer-thing person’.

  8. Eugene says:

    Ah Samuel. Who knows what hijinks that fella got up to.

  9. Sammi says:

    The townsperson knew, but they were unspeakable.

  10. Kisame says:

    Tsk. Don’t they know? Ask for antidote first, kill salesman later

  11. rueyeet says:

    Myself, I’m wondering if the slugs’ druid decided to take up a new life as a travelling salesman. 😉

  12. werepixi says:

    His mate was known as Elric of Movingbone, with his magic sword Hornbringer

  13. JET73L says:

    And now we know how Herne’s antlers work. This does make more prominent the question of what he does with the shed antlers. Herne’s speech begets the question of who survived the herbs’ effects and for how long.

  14. KInto_M says:

    I wonder if those supplements tasted of tomato? Good thing they never risked eggplant.