July 28th, 2008


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  1. Richard says:

    “Honored Demonspawn.” There’s a phrase that can’t come up very often.

  2. Tindi says:

    Out of Murai, I would imagine more often than you’d expect 😉

  3. Karen says:

    And here comes Shadowchild to add to the all-out funnier than hell on a stick moments. XD

  4. Jon says:

    Several people are going to be very near DEAD very shortly.

    Namely, Shadowchild and Grim Eyes. Also possibly one of the people in Murai’s head.

  5. CovenantFan says:

    And me!! From laughing until I can’t get my breath!

  6. TekServer says:

    I love the arrangement of this page, with SC centered and all the reactions surrounding. Very cool.


  7. Hunter says:

    I started laughing at “Honored Demonspawn”. That’s an oxymoron on so many levels!

  8. Matthias says:

    Is it just me, or does it look like Grim Eyes sees exactly where this is going?

  9. Edhelith says:

    Y’know, my nickname at work is “demon child”, but no one ever puts an “honored” before it… I’m a little jealous. 😉

  10. Okay, I thought this arc was funny before.

    I’ve got a very real feeling it’s going to get even better -or worse, depending on your point of view- from here.

  11. Mani says:

    Richard – ““Honored Demonspawn.” There’s a phrase that can’t come up very often.”

    I played a Buddhist (reformed) demon, who used Murai’s habit of referring to everything as “honored [blank],” which did get similarly weird in some cases.

    For instance, one of the other party members was a notorious hitman. The phrases “Honored Servant of Death” or “Honored Mower of Lives” didn’t win me any points with him, surprisingly 🙂

  12. JET73L says:

    I just love how each reaction contrasts the others, especially the reactions on the far sides and corners.