July 19th, 2008


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  1. Lindsay says:

    Hahahaha this will be interesting

  2. Rags says:

    As in “live in interesting times”.

  3. jolson42 says:

    Oh no, it’s a talking deer. What will the Shadowchild think of this?

  4. Leela says:

    Lmao, I think I’m gonna like Herne.

  5. The Dark Ferret says:

    I wonder what a Jackass would say to that remark.

  6. Karen says:

    *watches intently for hilarity to ensue*

  7. Jon says:

    A MEAN deer that talks. Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL.

    And you once intended this comic to last less than 50 pages? That would’ve been a crime against humanity! And wombatity! And…and…comedity! Oh, wait, that last one’s copyrighted…ah well.

  8. Tris says:

    But… hyenas’ mouths are nothing like donkeys’ mouths. For starters, different teeth.

  9. Nyktipolos says:

    One acronym:


  10. CovenantFan says:

    And the postures of GrimEyes and Herne are Perfect…not to mention Digger’s!!!

  11. He’s just bitter ’cause he has short antlers. What are those, like, one-point?
    Regardless, I just know I’m gonna love him. It’s almost required of any character Ms. Vernon ever penned. I can hardly wait.

  12. Prof says:

    Love on first sight.
    This is gonna be great! ^_^

  13. Cwicseolfor says:

    @ CharlieLyons: If you’re referring to “points” by the usual definition, none of those separate tines look to be less than an inch long each, so he would be a six-point, which is acceptable in terms of genetic fitness (and thus probably social respectability) for most species that have branched antlers, especially if this setting’s deer are as Asian as their gods.

  14. Luke_Prowler says:

    I think Digger said it best

  15. TekServer says:

    I haven’t really been counting, but I estimate this is Digger’s 100th facepalm …


  16. Sammi says:

    Might count them on my next read through.

  17. TekServer says:

    Actually, I think someone already has; there’s a TVTropes page on Digger that has a picture of all the facepalms as a montage. I don’t have the link handy, but keep trawling through the archives; you’ll find it …


  18. This looks like the beginning of a beautiful…something.

  19. BunnyRock says:

    Is it wrong i’m thinking “composite comb.” North Atlantic Europe/Scandinavia/Irish sea, AD 900; a couple or Cu alloy rivets and someone could get a lot of combs out of those antlers. Maybe a spindle whorl and a few nice dress pins too…heck, we wouldn’t even have to hurt him, they regrow each year…

  20. Misley says:

    Hmm, no hooves. So it’s a deer headed instead of humanized deer

  21. Elkian says:

    Wait…Herne the hunter?

  22. werepixi says:

    brilliantly awesome panel

  23. Fnord Prefect says:

    … and Chekov’s Gatling Cannon lets off another 50-round burst…

  24. JET73L says:

    Oh, good something… After thinking that I would find entertaining the dynamic between Herne of the smart retort and Grim Eyes of the excessive grumpiness and loyalty, my thought process inevitably led to Herne[+ or x]Grim Eyes.

    Cwicseoulfor: In some places, including apparently where I live, Herne would be three-point. I don’t know about mule deer, which Herne might partially be, but I think a six-point is only good by the one-antler count for whitetails (though Herne could be hunted), and it is great-to-unheard-of for some species of deer and false deer. I am unable to determine what species the deer earlier were (if they were an African or Asian deer or deer-like species) thanks to only having seen what appeared to be a doe. That information, however, is probably completely irrelevant since no recorded species of deer has opposable thumbs, so it is difficult or impossible to determine which species should be used as reference. Six (or 3×3, or 3+3 or whatever) is likely an auspicious number, so that should be some consolation if his antlers are smaller than they should be.

    BunnyRock: I wondered if Herne used his old antlers for tacky coat-hooks, or if they could be sliced, filed, and polished for mock-ivory buttons, but I like the way you think. I wonder if he actually sheds his antlers, or if he’s cursed with them, or if he has them as part of a whole god-thing where he has to keep the same image all the time.

  25. Zelith says:

    @ Cwicseolfor: At least in regards to hunting liscenses, that would be a 3 point, not a 6. Since unless something happens during development (which is very possible given they’re soft… and do this every year) a set should be symetrical. Still, healthy mature male all the same.

  26. Lilacsofthedead says:

    Re; All the deer stuff so far: Depends heavily on what kind of deer he is. An american whitetail or mule deer (are they the same thing? I don’t live in the states…) have relatively small antlers compared to say, a fallow deer (which he definitely isn’t, considering the almost unique palmate antlers they have) or a red deer (which I see regularly at my local park, and would be laughing hysterically at Herne’s pitiful excuse for a pricket’s growth there…) or even a sika or a shika or any other of the asian species I can think off the top of my head.

    However, his muzzle and the markings on his ears to me point to american buck of some kind. Definitely not caribou, at least. If he was, there would be way too much oppotunity to crossdress.

  27. TekServer says:

    Aha, so this is where the idea for a facepalm count first occurred to me. Like the story of Digger itself, the Facepalm Count grew far beyond my initial idea.

    For the record, this is not the 100th facepalm, though I wasn’t far off. This is #85, and the 77th by Digger herself (the remaining 8 being by various other characters; click the link under my name for more details).

    #100 can be found here, Digger’s 100th (and last) is here. Obviously, both of these links go to pages further along in the story, so if you’re spoiler-sensitive, don’t click then till you’ve finished reading Digger.