June 12th, 2008


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  1. Kayru says:

    You can almost hear the hurt, horror and mixed grief….

  2. Lica says:

    I didn’t notice the little “happy sun” before (that we saw in the more brighter panles of the story). It’s still in this page, in the first panel but hidden by the darkness of this scene.

  3. BunnyRock says:

    I don’t think the sun cares who or what it shines on Lica. I think that’s the point of its being their in that panel. On the wort day of your life, the very wost, the sun will still be shining, and someone somewhere else will be under it an having the best day of their life. Life, unfortunately, doesn’t pause for the darker scenes.

  4. TekServer says:

    I don’t know that life’s lack of a pause button is always unfortunate, BR. At the darkest of times, it can be a (slight) comfort to know that only time’s steady march can give you the chance of things getting better …

    Of course, it would be nice to have a pause button to better savor the high points …


  5. Xyon says:

    Yeah, but if you could pause the high points, everyone would. And there would be no low points. And therefore there would be no high points.

  6. TekServer says:

    Nah, you just run it like a DVR: you can only pause for 90 minutes total; and doing so gives you the ability to fast forward through 90 minutes of “commercials” (or low points).


  7. Tindi says:

    *retroactively kicks Bloodtail*

  8. jaynee says:

    Hm. So we need a life preview, so that we can plan our pauses most effectively. I wonder if that’s in the manual, somewhere.

  9. JET73L says:

    “Name must be eaten, murderer must be cast out.” Cast out of the tribe, yes. Cast out of skin painter? We don’t yet know what name-eating does, beyond making eaten an un-person. This is…

    Wow, this is saddening.