April 3rd, 2008


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  1. bookwyrm says:

    So would an ‘om nom nom nom’ be out of place here?

  2. Urthdigger says:

    Om nom nom nom

  3. w00ty says:

    om nom nom nom is usually reserved for things you are eating quickly with great pleasure.

  4. Urthdigger says:

    Which is what makes it funny here 🙂

  5. Ellemerr says:

    Loving the little “Blech” part xD

  6. Prof says:

    @bookwyrm: very 😉

  7. FixerofBrokenThings says:

    Over the teeth and past the gums, look out stomach, here it comes!

  8. Cas says:

    Blood of the Architect! I can’t watch! Being a vegetarian myself, this is just like my nightmares!

  9. Hunter says:

    Her face in the second panel is like “Oh, man!”

  10. Pangolin says:

    Being a vegetarian is something you get over very quickly once you live in a culture that considers refusing food a tremendous insult. A healthy dose of moral relativism is really the only solution.

  11. Xyon says:

    Blood and shale… she ate it…

    Not that she really had a choice… but still…

    (Fines self for overuse of ellipses…)

  12. Tindi says:

    Pangolin: My sister is half-Cantonese (okay, half-sister, but it gets confusing), and she was a vegetarian for several years, EXCEPT certain family dinners. 😉

  13. werepixi says:

    Yep this sequence of events is definitely reminding me of mums attempt at feeding me sheep brains. She even tried crumbing them so that I couldn’t *see* what they looked like.

    It didn’t work

  14. Dare says:

    well, she took a respectable sized bite.