April 2nd, 2008


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  1. bookwyrm says:

    Emotion. Yes. Right. That’s what they call it. Yep.

  2. Leela says:

    Nice save.

  3. Lica says:

    “People are waaatching”, he he, Grim Eyes is cool too.

  4. BunnyRock says:

    Oh gods, this is where my cripplingly strict Anglo-Irish upbringing would kick in like a tazer gun. English= DO NOT embarrass yourself: nod and smile, go along with it and scream inside, people are watching. Seriously, reading this i find the though of making a social faux pas at a big dinner FAR more unpleasant that the prospect of cannibalism. then the Irish side kicks in with my father or great aunt’s voice “Clean your plate, it’s only liver and champ, think of all the poor staving children in foreign lands!”

    Between the two, I now

    one think liver and white pudding (yep, the found a way to make black pudding stranger, how can blood be WHITE) are the ultimate foods as i was forced to eat them until i actually got a taste for them,

    two, have, several times sat and eatern food, complemented the cook on it, made my excuses and left politely, then ran to the lavatory and fought to keep it down. if i were in Digger’s position i doubt i would even be able to argue.

    arrrggg, and Bone claw mother said the jakes… my Irish Great aunt called them that too… arrrggg arggg arggg!

  5. Ross says:

    Hey, Bunnyrock, white pudding isn’t made from blood. Yummy black pudding is, but white pudding’s mostly fat (generally suet), little bits of pork, and fillers like oatmeal and ground organ bits. That’s why it’s white.

  6. Lemming says:

    I’m with you on the English upbringing, BunnyRock. I definitely find cannibalism to be a far better choice than embarrassing myself at a big dinner.

  7. Mark Antony says:

    Ugh. I really sympathize with Digger here. I still remember the time I was visiting family in Shanghai and somebody decided to order live shrimp. That was the day I decided that while raw food is okay, I draw the line at food that kicks back.

  8. Gen says:

    Jha, great link, thanks!!

  9. Hunter says:

    I can just imagine the singsong tone Grim Eyes says “People are waaaaatching” in.

  10. Lycanthromancer says:

    It’s the snack that smiles back!

  11. Tindi says:

    Her expression in that last panel is adorable and priceless. 😀

  12. Misley says:

    I laughed. And not in my head at this XD

  13. JET73L says:

    Urgh. If white pudding is what I think it is (based on Ross’s comment), I find it horrible and far too rich*.

    Ha, exactly my point**, Boneclaw Mother!

    *slimy and tasting of animal oil
    **the first word bubble, not the second and third

  14. Zelith says:

    Although the live shrimp thing, especialy with that video, is siddling right up next to Pratchett and sheep eyeballs…

  15. Beacon80 says:

    “Not wanting to hurl” counts as an emotion, right?