February 12th, 2008


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  1. Pester says:

    Is it wierd that I want to look the other way when Digger is naked?

  2. Kayru says:

    ^ agreed. I feel quite uncomfortable despite she’s still a wombat.

  3. ngögam says:

    What makes it odd is not so much that she’s a wombat, as the fact that when she’s clothed her vest jacket thingy doesn’t really cover any of the bits we consider significant anyway.

  4. BunnyRock says:

    Given she’s a marsupial and that Wombats have backwards pointing pouches, you would have to be viewing her from a VERY odd angle to see anything we would consider significant. Heck, baced on my one encouter with wombats ever and a chat i had with a zookeeper, seeing her nipples would probably involve an endoscope, a tranquilizer gun, and qualified doctor to dig the pick-axe out of your foolish skull afterward.

  5. Remick0 says:

    BunnyRock has officially become my favorite commenter on this comic 🙂

  6. Mark Antony says:


  7. Mad Luc says:

    It’s more the principle of the thing- humans have a natural sense of privacy, and encroaching on even the *symbolic* privacy of another sentient being makes us uncomfortable. We always see her in her vest, and thus without it we subconsciously view her privacy as compromised.
    …mind, I think the only reason she *wears* one is because pockets are useful.

  8. Alex says:

    ^ Right, like a purse. I wonder if that means male womabts just go naked.

  9. Matthias says:

    I should think male wombats would be at least as likely to wear clothes – after all, they’ve got one fewer pocket. Not that female wombats probably keep stuff in that one often unless they really don’t want it found…

  10. Ryn says:

    ^Gotta keep your wallet somewhere, and males don’t have pouches. Also, how could BunnyRock JUST become your favorite comentator? How could Antichristamine not do it for you???

  11. Kisame says:

    I think we got used to the vest, I also feel uncomfortable even though I am absoulotly aware that she’s a wombat and that’s theyr natural state, didn’t humans not use clothing long time ago?

  12. Warhammer says:

    maybe they wear trench coats?

    I dunno, i just like the mental image of a wombat wearing a trench coat and a fedora.

  13. JET73L says:

    As I am unable to use my new up-side-down-Digger emoticons (a Euro symbol for a facepalm paw!), “bug-eyes, Facepalm! Adorable!” shall have to suffice.

    BunnyRock has been my favourite commenter since near the beginning (no offense meant to anyone who isn’t BunnyRock, BunnyRock’s just that good).

    It could be because of the curve of the edges between Digger’s stomach and thighs as they curve toward her pouch being reminiscent of a shape that only happens on bipeds and is usually covered on the only classified true bipeds outside of fiction. When Digger wears her vest it looks like an outfit, but when she is not wearing anything but a coat of fur and a glower, especially when covering her chest (though to create a defensive posture rather than to preserve modesty), it makes Digger look uncomfortably (for viewers) naked.

    I /must/ draw a wombat in a trench coat and trilby, in as close a style as I can manage to what Ursula did for the majority of Digger.

  14. BunnyRock says:

    based on mitochondrial DNA mutation (different alleles of mtDNA have no benefit relative to each other: therefore as no particular version has any befit mtDNA mutations are neither favoured or selected against by evolution and so mutations occurs at a perfectly predictable rate, so counting the number of mutilations between two populations tells you when they spilt into two distinct groups/last inter-bread) human body-lice separated from human body head lice between 40,000 and one million years ago. Given body-lice need clothes to hide and lay their eggs in, it means clothing was ubiquitous amongst enough human populations to support their own lose-species at the latest 40,000 years ago, and the earliest louse-filled clothing may have been used nearly 1 million BP. Interestingly we can locate where people slept in bronze-age to Viking settlements in South Uist by which parts of the soils from the earth floor have louse-remains in them, and even determine which end of the bed the pillow was kept by the distribution of head-louse vs pubic lose chunks.

    My master’s dissertation was on mtDNA from South Uist (Red Deer). I know these things and yet for some reason have trouble being taken serious- Oh! A shinny penny!

  15. Zelith says:

    And in an earlier post you said no one used BP anymore because no one outside the profession knew what the heck you where talking about… Except of course people who listened to you gripe about it. Still, like the rounding error for 4.5 billion years of earth at 1M BP the differance with 1M BC becomes vanishingly small. So now that we’re had our lesson from BR on BP BC, back to DC*

    *(Digger Comic)

  16. TekServer says:

    Wombats would certainly wear trench coats … but only when digging trenches.


  17. WuseMajor says:

    Grim Eyes comment above is very sad in retrospect.