February 10th, 2008


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  1. jeffy says:

    Love Ed’s purposeful ears.

  2. Tindi says:

    “Death and Basil” is another good album name… or a band name or… ehehehehee…
    The part of the narration after that brought an entirely different type of tears to my eyes than the previous page did.

  3. Domino says:

    “one count of public urination”…lol personally, I think it might have been worth it to see the look of Jhalm’s half-face

  4. bA nAn A says:

    you mean quarter face? ~.^
    Bit I agree. Quite the spectacle.

  5. BunnyRock says:

    And once again a mental image i will never be able to remove.

    Fortunately this one is less painful that the last one which was “I wonder if Grim-Eyes has a family” which led almost immediately to “I wonder what a bipedal Spotted Hyena giving birth would look like.”

    well done Ursula, you are the one of only two webcomic authors who have simultaneously inspired me about the ultimate goodness of people, filled my heart with joy, and sent be reaching for the mind-bleach. I wont name the other, but his initials are D.H.

  6. Hunter says:

    Death and basil?
    *Falls out of chair and rolls on the floor laughing*

  7. Tindi says:

    Third full pass through, laughed just as hard at “death and basil”

  8. Cornbread says:

    We don’t often see Ed with his ears up in a happy-face, do we?

  9. Sildraug says:

    Hmm… Deicide through public urination… I’ll bet, if one of us was to go digging deep enough, we could probably find a god that would be killable that way.

    It’s not all that implausible. I mean, the Norse had that guy who drowned his bad host in the first guy’s vomit while pinning him up against a wall (it’s in the Sagas). Bodily fluids can be quite deadly.

  10. JET73L says:

    Maybe there’s a god whose mum had everything but urine promise not to hurt it, since it was even more harmless than mistletoe? Death (and basil) delivered in the form of the god’s Acchiles’ heel might be enough.

    Warrior herbs are good for Ed and Digger-mousie, especially once the smell of basil starts to turn up. The scent of basil is unlikely to herald anything bad.

  11. TekServer says:

    Deicide Conspiracy would be a good band name, too.