November 29th, 2007


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  1. Luke_Prowler says:

    No, it’s metel bird for “Crap, I lost my wallet”

  2. Eugene says:

    The two birds then start bickering over whether it’s better to keep your wallet in your front pocket or your back one. Eventually it’s resolved that an inner breast pocket is the most ideal, and move on. Though where they’re going to find a place to purchase formal wear at this hour is anyone’s guess.

  3. TekServer says:

    You have a somewhat twisted mind yourself, Eugene.

    No wonder you like this comic so much.


  4. Sammi says:

    You don’t need formalwear for an inner breast pocket. Pockets are very useful, and need no excuse.

  5. fishboy says:

    Another example of how wombats are more practical than humans (or hyenas) – they have built-in pockets 🙂

  6. BunnyRock says:

    Only half of them.

  7. Raidell says:

    The half of which Digger just so happens to be a part of! 😉

  8. TekServer says:

    One to many “of’s” there, Raidell; but we get the point …


  9. Areetsasaurus says:

    Perhaps, but given that said pocket faces downwards while standing, it could be a rather inconvenient place to keep your keys.

  10. BoardEntity says:

    kawkaw kawkaw I have her wallet. Kawkaw!

  11. werepixi says:

    Wombat babies generally don’t fall out so i figure your keys and wallet are safe

  12. Lord the 22nd says:

    I find Eugene’s comments to be almost as entertaining as the comic itself.

  13. BunnyRock says:

    @werepixi : the image I now have of a crazy Digger nursing a living, sentient, evil Wallet and set of Keys with little shrivelled hairless wombat arms and legs growing out of them, and whispering in a creepy way “my babies, by beautiful beautiful babiiiiieeeessss!” is amongst the most disturbing I have had for quite some time, werepixi.

    Well done! Eight out of ten! One internet to the next person to beat that with a horror image of a webcomic character (not counting Dave Hopkins: I’m not made of internets to give away you know)

  14. TekServer says:

    Well, BR, somehow that spawned in my addled brain the memory of the scene from Alien Resurrection, where the crazy doctor is cocooned and watching the birth of the alien hybrid and calls it a “beautiful, beautiful butterfly”.

    I leave it to you and El-ahrairant (apologies if I misspelled that) to untangle whatever tangle that makes with your current mental images …


  15. Zelith says:

    But ‘real’ wombats are also rather horizontaly oriented… Since we’re so far from home who knows what the nursing/early life prodecures of the resident upright ones are. They may spend a lot of time in bed on their backs. And as rich as the backstory and socital development here is I doubt it’s going to come up