October 17th, 2007


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  1. Gewitterwind says:

    The cutest shrew I ever saw :3

  2. Arospace says:

    hell hath no wrath like a shrew scorned

  3. Lanthir says:

    Surka is so badass!

  4. Thorin N. Tatge says:

    I was loving this comic until this part. Now it seems like for the last few chapters, Digger’s just gotten more and more idiotic, and this is the capper. RUN already! You think they’ll cut the bridge while they’re on it? You shouldn’t have gone up there in the first place, knowing very well the Hag told you to stay out of trouble and there are hyenas around here who hate you and there was an ominous sign that said “TROLL BRIDGE”!

  5. WJS says:

    What makes you think the Hyenas are on the bridge?

  6. Lemming says:

    She looks so fierce in that first panel, it’s amazing!

  7. Jam says:

    Surka reminds me of Reepicheep.

  8. fishboy says:

    Thorin – Digger wouldn’t abandon Surka to fight for her. She’s an honourable wombat. Also, given that she knows very little of this area, where would you expect her to go on a ‘day off’? She had to leave the village, couldn’t go to the temple and there’s only one other place she could reasonably visit – Ed’s cave. Seems sensible to me.

  9. Sildraug says:

    No taming to be done here.

  10. jaynee says:

    *groan* at Sildraug.

  11. TekServer says:

    That was a pretty shrewd comment …


  12. Trogdog says:

    Errrr, anyone else notice the sword go from a falchion, to a rapier, to a short sword?

  13. Kisame says:

    Awwwwww. She’s like tiny jumping death 🙂

  14. LordofAges says:

    @ Trogdod: I suppose that’s it’s a very special sword…

  15. Matanui3 says:

    nah, just bad perspective I think

  16. Shadw21 says:

    Remember Tunnel 17!


    Give me a billy goat!

  17. JET73L says:

    That’s right, Matanui3, it starts out at an angle (the corner is a bit odd, though), then edge-on, then side-on.