October 16th, 2007


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  1. R0uge says:


  2. Lukjad007 says:

    I see there is another Redwall fan here. Hello!

  3. Rista-liehna says:

    Even though the design hasn’t changed, Grim Eyes looks very different from way back when she called Digger a pervert for speaking to Ed.

  4. Rowanmdm says:

    Note to self: Do not read Digger while eating lunch since choking, coughing and spewing food all over the computer monitor are all undesirable results.

  5. Dark Hawk says:

    I’ve always prefered Eluia.

  6. Naler says:

    @Rowanndm God, I wish I had read the comments for this comic before I read the comic itself. ‘Cuz now there are bits of rice all over the monitor and I feel dumb. 🙂

  7. Emma says:

    It was the “WuggaWoggly” bit that got me

  8. Lica says:

    @Rista-liehna Yes, i noticed too, plus she doesn’t talk with that “Rrr” accent as much as she did before. But Digger design changed a little bit too, so it may be a general evolution in the art of the comic? or an intended change in the character?

    he he, Earrrth Rrrrrat!

  9. Matanui3 says:

    I believe R0uge said it best…

  10. BunnyRock says:

    Did you know, the old Norse word for victory, often used as a warcry was “Yeulalya” (but written in runes… and spelt correctly) and this was pronounced (all together now boys and girls, leverets and Dibbuns)


    clutches signed first edition of “the Long Patrol” to heart with pride.