August 26th, 2007


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  1. Tindi says:

    This is creepy, yes. It’s also extremely Pythonesque. I like that in a webcomic.

  2. Lanthir says:

    I love that they can apparently see infrared.

  3. NigaiAmai Yume says:

    Totally in awe of your abilities with minimal lines and minimal light, not to mention scribbles and cross hatching.

  4. jitai says:

    I did wonder if this and hide painting (ala Ed) have any connection. Taking their skins, I mean.

  5. Eugene says:

    Heh, purple being on the opposite side of the spectrum, is their way of saying they like killing things.

  6. Jeanette says:

    I agree completely with NigaiAmai Yume. The artwork is just amazing, through all the archives.

  7. Taylor says:

    And here she thought she imagined them.

  8. Fixer-Wolfie says:

    She WISHED she had imagined them. It is nice of them to keep the skins of friends together forever though. They may be homicidal killers living in a deep, dank hole in the ground, but at least they respect the value of friendship. The value of life, however…

  9. Tindi says:

    I’ll add (third pass through the archives) that, apart from the Knights of Ni, these guys also remind me of Gollum.

  10. Kisame says:

    Before Ed was named, it mentioned me gollum, I shall call those guys: (in case theyr not named later) yes and yes

  11. Murasaki says:

    “But not as much as purple”
    I am in agreement. No color compares to purple.
    I thought of Gollum right after we met Ed.

  12. Emily says:

    In the second panel… Digger’s face…

    She looked like my Guinea Pigs. o.o

  13. werepixi says:

    Yeah, when I first heard Ed, my initial thought was about Gollum.

  14. Matanui3 says:


  15. BunnyRock says:

    Yes. We like Gollum. Though not as much as Digger.

  16. Lord the 22nd says:


  17. Claire says:

    I just KNEW there was a reason people kept saying they liked purple!
    Now i know why.

  18. Gentle Dementia says:

    Relevant note: The liver is purple