August 27th, 2007


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  1. SeekingTruth says:


  2. The Dark Ferret says:

    AWESOME! Love the Skins! 😀

  3. WJS says:

    OK, looks like Murai is pretty badass after all. She took that thing out in what looks like a few seconds, in the dark, where it can see but she can’t.

  4. TekServer says:

    Well, she WAS one of the Veiled, and they’re definitely a warrior class (kinda like paladins without the fancy armor … )


  5. Taylor says:

    I was thinking they were more along the lines of assassins…

  6. Fixer-Wolfie says:

    At least they aren’t (semi-)immortal skeletons… “You’d better get used to ghost stories Miss Turner, you’re IN one.” or “We be cursed men… …dyin’ of hunger, but not dead, dyin’ of thirst… ” etc.

  7. Tarnish says:

    OK, am I the only one to think “Skins vs. Shirts, Skins lose”?

  8. Tarnish says:

    Or should that be “Skins vs. Veils”?

  9. Karetron says:

    I guess we know which team they’re on when they play basketball. (shirts vs. skins…”)

  10. Murasaki says:

    This is why I don’t want to be burried. I’ll end up a Skin….
    ….Who still likes purple.

  11. You say that Like its a bad thing.

  12. Emma says:

    My first pass through the archives, and all I can think is “it’s kinda…cute” (nowhere near as cute as shadowchild or Ed though)

  13. Elkian says:

    looks like a crazy wombat or giant rat…

  14. JET73L says:

    Aww. Digger and Murai could have been Best Friends… /Forever/… Skin friends.

  15. Claire says:

    Are you kidding?
    It definitely looks like a lizard!

  16. Ellemerr says:

    The Skins! The Skins of Dead Men (and possibly – or definitely – other dead things and genders)! *fangirl squee*

    I think I love this page a little more than what might be reasonable.