July 1st, 2007


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  1. WuseMajor says:

    I’m curious what sweetgrass burning underground smells like.

  2. Lica says:

    She-is looks so happy in the first panel. I love how such a simple style can be so expressive.

  3. Pester says:

    Maybe it’s, ya know, a metaphorical smells. Danger and badness is coming, but to start with it just simmers, there’s just a hint before the whole savanna is up in flame and there goes the neighbhorhood.

  4. Dybael says:

    I assumed that ‘sweetgrass-voiced’ was the hyena equivalent of ‘silver-tongued’.

  5. Eagle0600 says:

    Probably. My guess is that it would smell sweet.

  6. Mad Luc says:

    Sweetgrass… if it;s like Sugar Cane, then it smells horrible Like sugar syrup and burning *sludge*. Like dirty streets and… and… something terrible and organic. It makes you sick to smell, believe me.

  7. Trogdog says:

    lol. don’t you guys know anything? sweet grass burning smells like skunk.
    oh, wait. that’s sweet leaf. …never mind.

  8. Biddo van Oduk says:

    Bah, you city kids… can’t say I have ever smelt sweetgrass burning underground, but smelt plenty of plain old grass-fires and they are NOT sweet. Acrid, harsh, sulfury more like. Can’t imagine a slow, oxygen-starved underground fire would smell better. Don’t know if that’s what the author was going for but that’s the reality.

  9. Lilacsofthedead says:

    I’ve always thought of SGV sounding like too much incense in a small, closed space. Choking, cloying… since I don’t know what The People classify as sweetgrass, and don’t have much of a sense of smell to start with… *shrug*

    I know what an australian bushfire smells like, though, and that //reeks//…