June 29th, 2007


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  1. WuseMajor says:

    This part is pretty cool. Sad, not funny like the vampire squash, but pretty cool anyway.

  2. Leela says:

    “Like reflection in water.” Ed has got to be my favorite character, right next to the Shadowchild.

  3. Jessica says:

    *eyes glaze over at all the she-is is he-is is is bits*

  4. Renita says:

    I love Ed so much. The way he speaks is so simple, but he can get extremely complex ideas/emotions across. It always amazes me, your storytelling skillz.

  5. jursamaj says:

    “Sun is unmated”? Is it mated now?

  6. Jay says:

    “She-Is is He-Is is is matched.” Sounds like one too many is is in that sentence. Oh joy, now I’m doing it too..

  7. Rubberduck says:

    I’m guessing the sun is mated with the moon. So either they just weren’t mated yet, or maybe the moon didn’t even exist at the time.

  8. TekServer says:

    You know, the first time through I didn’t catch the [inverse] relation between Ed’s story and the Judeo-Christian Adam and Eve story. (For those of you on your first time through these, just ignore this for now and keep reading … )


  9. griffinguy24 says:

    Rereading this. As a lover of both zoology and mythology, I love you for this. Coming up with a hyena race, with its own unique tribal culture, and a complex folklore, all of which correspond to spotted hyena biology and social ecology… it is truly amazing. My hat is off to you.

  10. griffinguy24 says:

    Wait… longfoot… is that a hyena name for kangaroos?

  11. slywlf says:

    I must be peculiarly suited for this strip – I followed Ed’s entire speech and all I could think of was to add “in those days Squirrel was the fiercest of all the beasts…” I got that from an old Native American legend somewhere – can’t recall now 😉

  12. Nonny says:

    I don’t know about hares, but a long, long time ago, PANDAS actually used to eat meat. In fact, pandas have systems that are still equipped to handle and digest meat, but somewhere along the way they lost the canines and incisors of their ancestors. Having been reduced to a level of danger akin to vampire squash, pandas began crushing and eating…bamboo…which gives them horrible indigestion.

    They also refuse to reproduce on their own.

    I imagine Digger at some point will run into a panda with fangs devouring a steak, and not quite realize that’s ACTUALLY how pandas are supposed to be. Maybe this world with Ganesh is really a normal world, and Digger’s homeland is where everything went wrong. Like squash that no longer becomes vampires…

  13. werepixi says:

    I’m with Digger on still being stuck at “Hare is still eating meat”

  14. Lord the 22nd says:

    Werepixi and I are in the same boat. Oh, Jursamaj, I believe that Ed is referring to the moon.

  15. Ellemerr says:

    Nonny, that is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in a long time. Of course, I’m going on to read the rest of Ed’s story, so you won’t stay on top for long, but all the same.

    I think Ganesh’s world just replaced “heaven” in my mind.

  16. Draco Dei says:

    “I think Ganesh’s world just replaced “heaven” in my mind.”
    Too much pain, death, and conflict for a heaven… and not the fun kind like Valhalla.