May 10th, 2007


It’s a very weird format, I know, and you have to scroll down for it, for which I apologize. However, owing to standard browser sizes, if I posted it the way it was originally drawn, a lot of people have to scroll down to read all of it, and it threw the sequence completely out of whack, since there’s a lot of stuff happened at the bottom of the page.

Just pretend I’m gettin’ all cool and infinite canvas. Yeah. That’s it.

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  1. Karyl says:

    Take a look at the work of Scott McCloud if you don’t already know it–seems to me you might. Anyway, he does some similar formatting and I like it! also he has the picture in picture effect that comes out at you as you click through, something that might be of great effect with your work. I am totally digging Digger btw! Thank you!!!

  2. annie says:

    I see someone else is reading this this month (March 2009) – thought maybe I was such a latecomer no one else would be around. Haven’t checked the posts each page – I’m so behind in doing all my chores now….fascinating, and can’t pull myself away. Terrified a bookmark won’t work and I’ll lose it.

  3. Jessica says:

    @ annie

    Nope, I’m just reading it now too. ^^ well… it’s April 05 so maybe I’m even a little later >.>;;

  4. jitai says:

    no problem ^_^

  5. Eugene says:

    Haha! Infinite Canvas attack!

  6. Actually, I think it looks really cool!

  7. TekServer says:

    Yeah, it seems to work pretty well for panels like these.

    (Now on my second pass through the archives, to catch all the foreshadowing and detail I missed on the first pass, and to read ALL the commentary … )


  8. invisible fanboy says:


  9. Joan says:

    Reading for the first time.
    Utterly brilliant!

  10. amy says:

    First time reader today! Can’t stop……this may be a problem……

  11. BoardEntity says:

    I love the paneling here. its skinny enough to fit the perspective of digger. so you actually get the same enclosed feeling they do peeking out from an alley.