March 19th, 2007


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  1. Tris says:


  2. Errick says:

    Well, that certainly qualifies as “something”.

  3. Adreth says:

    I think Digger’s territory just expanded by one rock.

  4. poke says:

    Is that a demon or a dragon?!?

  5. 12Many says:

    neither. that is CTHULU!!!!! AWSOME!!!!

  6. Saphroneth says:

    Should that be “DEAR SWEET MOTHER _ GODDESS?”
    Thay are aggressively matriachial hyenas after all

  7. Dreysabriel says:


  8. Kisame says:

    Zing it is Cthulhu!!! Tentacle mouth and everithing!

  9. Darkond2100 says:

    I remember a shape like that from the comic Hellspawn. I’ve only read one, beaten up, slightly smelling comic from Hellspawn. But, it’s easy to get the big picture.

  10. Pandeazel says:

    Yes, this is a Waaaaay late post, but, this is My first time through the archives, and, adreth’ comment floored me when i read it, almost fell out of my seat.

  11. Kelardry says:

    @ Kisame– It just has whiskers and a mouth, like a Chinese dragon. I think it is a demon though.

    I just realized that before this page, shadowchild didn’t have a mouth.

    I <3 SHADOWCHILD! ^,_,^

  12. Matthias says:

    Given what we learn later, I wonder if there might be a reason beyond “big scary thing” that the hyenas are running…

  13. Pandeazel says:

    Woot! Second time around and still can’t help but laugh at adreth’s comment. Dude/dudette, you rock!

  14. werepixi says:

    I’d definitely classify that as “something”

  15. Fnord Prefect says:

    I want one of them as a pet…