March 15th, 2011


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  1. Daemoniac says:

    I wonder what she would look like with an exoskeleton…

    not that an external skeleton is the same thing or anything


  2. jaynee says:

    “turning of the worm” πŸ™‚
    I guess that there’s some people here need to say goodbye, too πŸ™

  3. Robin Bobcat says:

    *sniffle* Bye Digger! *sobs*

  4. WorkingVolition says:

    I’ve suddenly grown to realize how much I appreciate Digger’s lack of eyelashes. Panel Three did it for me. Ursula displays great talent for making eyes when she really needs to.

  5. Rags says:

    Let’s see, they are going to a place that’s a year or so away (makes you wonder how long she had been digging), he’s been waiting for he a couple of weeks, and now he’s concerned about a couple of hours.
    I guess we’re looking at the equivalent of catching the last ferry, one of the dark ways Manuel mentioned that is only safe while the moon is waxing or something.
    (Who mentioned exoskeletons?)

  6. Marty says:

    I vote we follow the (sure to be harrowing) journey home. Who’s with me? And speaking of vote, Why don’t I see a vote link?

  7. Quizt says:

    A vote link like this? http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx
    (I sure hope it works.)

  8. Barry says:

    Yay, internal skeletons!

  9. Korlee says:

    Most unpleasant! Hurry with those goodbyes Digger and also before those other two see their union rep…. <.<

  10. Hawk says:

    β€œThe play is done; the curtain drops,
    Slow falling to the prompter’s bell
    A moment yet the actor stops
    And looks around to say farewell.
    It is an irksome word and task:
    And when he’s laughed and said his say,
    He shows, as he removes the mask,
    A face that’s anything but gay.”

    To Digger, and to all of us who’ve shared the journey.

  11. MadamAtom says:

    She gets goodbye time! I was worried she wouldn’t–was half expecting “You come with me NOW or you don’t come at all,” followed by some agonizing over lack of goodbye time and then Digger hopping on the wagon and poof, gone.

  12. Tindi says:

    @MadamAtom: I’m pretty sure Surka and the others would have something to say about that. If nothing else, I highly doubt Shadow is confined by mere geography. πŸ™‚

  13. Niall says:

    …Shadow is not confined by mere geography, physics, biology or much anything else…

  14. MadamAtom says:

    @Tindi: Agreed about Surka, trolls, and Shadow, but there’s also the hag and the hyenas and the statue and Vo and, if they’re both lucky, the slug (who is also owed an apology).

  15. Lissy says:

    You know, Manuel is an interesting and mysterious character, but I get this idea of him as a bully. For example, his first words in panal one are “If you can do this, wombat, I would agree to overlook your lateness.” But if you look at the logic another way, he has no choice but to overlook Digger’s lateness. She’s late, but she may be his only ticket out of there this year, and he ought to be begging her to come with him instead of sounding all high and mighty, and then promptly delivering another ultimatum about leaving soon.

    I love the mention of the Worm Moon, by the way. I am passingly familiar with the names of the moons, and I know the worm moon is in march. It’s nice to see this evocative and old form of date-telling used, and it also gives us a sense of the time of when the story is taking place, in early march, probably.

  16. I want to know more about this Worm Moon. Perhaps it’s a spin off saga??? Hint, hint?????Please???

  17. Werebear says:

    That’s the way, Manuel! Let her know you have her RIGHT where she wants you!

    ….wait a minute… *scratches head*

    Duckwhisperer, you don’t want to know more about the worm moon. Suffice to say it involves a teeny, tiny pant.

  18. rueyeet says:

    Dang, Manuel. Being inscrutable sure has given you an attitude.

    (of course, I’d probably be a bit irritable if my Bandersnatch were being recalcitrant, as well.)

  19. Barry says:

    > teeny, tiny pant
    mooning worms! Love it!

  20. nzPhreadde says:

    I’m wondering what is so mystical about Ed’s necklace (there one panel, gone the next)…

  21. Allie Lewis says:

    @Hawk: Well put, well put…

  22. fixman88 says:

    I’ve never heard of the worm moon before but I’m so glad that Digger has some time to say goodbye before she goes!

  23. mouse says:

    yes! goodbyes! the statue would probably know, I guess, that she had gone – but I really did want a chance to see Boneclaw Mother and Grim Eyes again. We all know, of course, that it’s really Surka she’ll have to talk to to get those trolls moving – so I knew we were going to see her again. Besides, Surka is the sort who just knows where and when to show up, it seems.

  24. Lachesis says:

    @Lissy – i think you’re forgetting, he’s *Trader* Manuel… as in, he bargains and negotiates for a living. you _never_ tell the customer they have the upper hand when you’re trying to make the deal.

    and my biggest hope, as the sage comes towards its end, is that i can be someone

  25. Lachesis says:

    my kingdom for a proofreader…

    as the SAGA comes toward its end….

  26. Mark Antony says:


  27. Hunter says:


  28. Uzuri says:

    The worm moon, for those of you asking, is a sign of spring, awakening of the worms, new growth, shifting weather patterns.

    In other words: Change.

    With a big “C”.

  29. Maureen says:

    Digger has fur and clothing. Necklaces tend to vanish from sight beneath either one.

  30. Meira says:

    Every full moon has a different name the name varies by region and tribe. It’s a Native American tradition but most Americans know that the first fall moon is the harvest moon and the one after is the hunters moon there’s is also a wolfs moon, there is also the cold moon in winter and flower moon in spring.