February 10th, 2011


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  1. Aria says:

    Hmmph! indeed.
    Still, at least she got a nice miracle. Nobody every said miracles had to be nice.

  2. Michael Leuchtenburg says:

    I guess she’s not going home after all.

  3. Ben says:

    That would be He Is, I am thinking.

  4. Tindi says:

    Too late for that; she’s angry anyway. Oh, Statue of Ganesh, I will miss you when this is all over. You make me laugh.

    It’s possible the actual Ganesh held the tunnel open. It is his temple the tunnel came up in. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Pseudo says:

    My guess is the way was held open by the ‘Opener of the Ways’. But if so his wooden avatar would know about it all along, right?

  6. Korlee says:

    Maybe… but implying things seems more of it’s way then just saying on that front. Miracles.

  7. Robin Bobcat says:

    Thanks Ed!

  8. CatsbyMoo says:

    A miracle indeed! I like guessing what the art filename will be ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Bartimaeus says:

    I guess she shall be returning home the long way.

  10. TekServer says:

    Hmm, I was thinking “demonic” intervention rather than actually “miraculous,” but I could be way off base …


  11. Fluteman Dan says:

    One of the flagstones should be inscribed “Name is Ed”. The sealing of the tunnel leaves me with a sense of burial.

  12. Barry says:

    If you all like it so much, you ought to go vote for it!


  13. wombat32 says:

    had to be Shadowlescent or one of the demons he is teaching to be good. We haven’t seen the last of that character, I’m sure.

  14. Nicole B says:

    I feel like Digger is going out of her way to be ungrateful now. I can understand that she’s had a long, hard day, and that she’s not happy Murai left and she definitely doesn’t like magic, but, really, does she have to be such a grump about it?

  15. The_Rippy_One says:


  16. There is a difference between a miracle and an impressive act. An impressive act would be creating bread and milk from one’s nostrils. A miracle is the right act at the right time: Parting of the Red sea, Wesley only being mostly dead, and of course holding a shakey passage from coming down on your heroes. Digger can still get home the giant snails are still around I imagine.

  17. iburns says:

    Ganesh is far too modest to claim credit for saving Digger’s life, especially since it would upset Digger: if a deus ex machina is frustrating to the readers, imagine how it feels to be the subject of one.

  18. Karyl says:

    Considering all else, Digger’s reaction seems rather mild to me. Hmmmph indeed!

  19. Gramina says:

    Personally? My guess is some combination of He-Is and Ed. With an emphasis on Ed.

    Though the point about Ganesh being Opener of the Ways is a good one.

  20. Rivalyn says:

    I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t Ganesh that hijacked the tunnel in the first place. Digger does confront the statue, but the statue disclaims responsibility for hijacking the tunnel. As the Statue of Ganesh is not Ganesh, that’s not even a lie.

  21. Hawk says:

    Digger is still able to go home, presuming the “Unspeakable” trader hasn’t gotten himself killed.

    As to who held the tunnel open, it doesn’t make much difference; Digger was able to leave. If she’d had thoughts of going back for Ed’s remains, that might contribute to her grumpiness…but I don’t think she’s going to take such thoughts seriously for long.

    Also, at this point, Digger just plain feels BAD. I mean – losing Ed, losing Murai, losing the best (or 2nd best?) path home, no wonder she’s also losing her temper. This is why battle scarred veterans are such a downer to be around. They ain’t happy they saved the day, they’re still counting the personal cost to themselves and comparing it to their “reward” … and coming up short.

  22. kelardry says:

    We’re up to 27! Keep Voting! I vote on all my computers at school, you can too!
    Go everywhere to vote! Be a true Digger Fan/Geek!

  23. Hawk:

    The problem with being the hero is that the reward mostly accrues to other people, while the hero pays the cost.

    That’s the definition of heroism. If you save yourself from dire circumstances, you’re resourceful, even admirable…but you’re not a hero.

    And that’s why Ed is the hero of this story. He paid twice: first with his name, then with his life…and in neither case did he share any of the reward.

  24. Quizt says:

    No reward, Crocuta sapiens, except the one outlined by Schiller:

    *Auch ein Klaglied zu sein im Mund der Geliebten ist herrlich
    Denn das Gemeine geht klanglos zum Orcus hinaus*

    which translates, more or less,

    “And to be a song of sorrow in the mouth of the beloved is noble,
    For the common goes out unmourned to the land of the dead.”

    Though certainly most of us would rather be around to enjoy the benefit.

  25. PerfesserBear says:

    Hmm. Sometimes magic isn’t instant. Possibly, He-Is opened the tunnel, and the spell faded after He-Wasn’t anymore.


  26. WafflesToo says:

    Thank you Hawk and Sapiens. Nail. Head.

  27. Gramina says:

    I can’t currently find the quotation, but there’s a point in the Lord of the Rings (Return of the King) when Frodo says something about “sometimes you save something, but you don’t get to keep it.” I wish I could find the quote, because (predictably) he says it much more powerfully. But Ed is definitely a Tolkeinesque hero in that sense; Digger, I think, probably is too.

  28. rueyeet says:

    @Gramina: I believe the relevant quote is, “We set out to save the Shire, Sam. And it has been saved… But not for me.” (or, at least, that’s what it is in the movie).

  29. BunnyRock says:

    @Duckwhisperer: you rush the miracle man and what do you get? lousy miracles!

    Iโ€™d put this down to whatever was left of he-is being grateful towards Ed. That said, Iโ€™d like to see our little Shadult back againโ€ฆ

  30. Ellemerr says:

    I don’t see why some people see the collapsed tunnel as collapsing Digger’s home journey. I mean, she discarded that route at the very beginning, because it had been magiced up (yuck) and because she really didn’t know how to get back that way anyway, what with the bad earth and the caves and stuff. The unspeakable trader Manuel was always her only real plan.