February 1st, 2011


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  1. Terry says:

    So it’s Murai up against the world, hm?

    I feel safer already. (:

  2. Heph says:

    I sense a disturbance in the comic as if old friends partet and a spinoff is about to begin.

  3. Gramina says:

    Poor Digger. 🙁

  4. Old Prof. Otter says:

    So Murai will go, still broken, but working life as best she can.
    Well we can not fix up everybody at the end, I guess, and if we did, something else would break then.

  5. Ash says:

    So… Digger’s slowly running out of reasons to stay…?

  6. I have the feeling wombat hugs are pretty awesome. Firm and necessary.
    Murai, you shall be missed.

  7. Raigne says:

    I *love* that upper right panel.

  8. theysabet says:

    ;__;…. **sniffle** All the fledglings are leaving the nest one by one…

  9. Hawk says:

    How hard it must be for Digger, to lose another friend so soon. Even if not in a tragic way, it still is like bumping a bruise…

  10. Hunter says:

    So many characters leaving…

  11. David. says:

    I find it interesting that Murai is pictured in silhouette/backlighting in several of the recent strips, echoing the imagery of the “Good Man” myth integral to her backstory. Coincidence, or sneaky authorial/artistic intention? You decide.

  12. the dark ferret says:

    The end is nigh.

  13. CJ says:

    Hey, she’s gone another step in her hero’s journey. Murai will be the hero she was born to be, only a more practical one now, thanks to Digger’s influence.

  14. Limax says:

    Wow… it really feels like the end is coming… I’m going to miss everyone. Poor little Digger, watching her friends leave…

  15. fixman88 says:

    Wow, everything seems to be winding up so fast….

  16. Korlee says:

    Digger keeps having to say goodbye to friends. 🙁

  17. slywlf says:

    It does seem to be winding down, but there are still strings to tie up – Shadow Child for one hint hint hint 😉

  18. ToraKiyoshi says:

    I imagine Shadowchild will not be finished, and in fact, will be forgotten (by all the cast) as Digger prepares her final goodbye. The statue and the hag, and perhaps even the queen of trolls, will stand by to say farewell, and in the final panel, we’ll see a small figure following a respectable distance behind Digger…

  19. I’ve had hugs like that before, and they are awesome. The goodbye part sucks though.

  20. Lurkie says:

    Farewell, Murai. I will not say “goodbye”, for who knows? we may yet meet again, Fate and Ursula willing. Until then, as the Eagles say, Fare well wherever you fare!

  21. jaynee says:

    @ToraKiyoshi – I like your thinking!

  22. Gcat says:

    “There are no happy endings, because nothing ends.” The Last Unicorn