January 4th, 2011


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  1. Pete says:

    I wondered what are the things Digger had not know that she knew that she told Mother Boneclaw.

  2. Bert says:

    Boneclaw Mother for president!

  3. Terry says:

    Never tell a wombat the odds that something can’t be defeated with proper structural equipment.

    Otherwise, good on you, Boneclaw Mother. (:

  4. KHGV Defenestration says:

    Never underestimate good scaffolding.

    Or a good safety line, for that matter.

  5. smjjames says:

    @KHGV: Yea, I agree with you, but if Ursula wanted to end that character, then theres not much stopping her. Short of a full out riot by the readers.

    At least Ed died a death worthy of a hero.

  6. Robin Bobcat says:

    No.. Not a death worthy of a hero..

    A death worthy of a NAME.

  7. Sarafina says:

    @Robin Bobcat: You said it!

    Digger’s starting with the doubt. Good thing Boneclaw Mother is there.

  8. Tindi says:

    Oh, Digger. There wasn’t any time to rig a suitable scaffolding, and then you would only have felt guilty because it was substandard work. There’s always “I should have”s and “If only”s after trauma.

    On another note, think about how useless Ed would have felt if it had been the other way around. He was an artist, not a warrior; how much better is it that he died doing something important, rather than watching Digger die instead? The blind seer gave Ed the crowbar for a reason: It was Ed’s job to use it.

  9. Bartimaeus says:

    “You cannot defeat Fate with scaffolding.”

    I think that’s another of my favorite lines now.

  10. Korlee says:

    Well I’m sure all wombats believe some good scaffolding would always defy fate!

  11. Just Here says:

    Do not forget to vote – http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx . It is a new month and Digger is languishing down in the mid 40’s with just over 300 votes. p.s.- Here is hoping that I got the address correct on the vote link.

  12. JewelWolf says:

    My senior quote: “You cannot defeat fate with scaffolding.”

  13. wombat32 says:

    as of this morning, Digger is at #37, Just Here.

  14. wombat32 says:

    I do have to wonder… is one of the things she told Boneclaw Mother that she learned Ed’s original name?

  15. Hawk says:

    Yes, Digger, Fate is no excuse. Buck up and get past the “should” and into the part where you realize just what Ed has given you, and everyone.

    I love Boneclaw Mother. 🙂

  16. Gwennan says:

    Could have, would have, should have.

    We’ve all been there.


  17. The_Rippy_One says:

    Yes, this is always going to happen with this sort of death; excellent portrail.

    Yes, this sucks to be her in a very serious fashion (sucks to be a reader in an only moderate sort of fashion.)

  18. TekServer says:

    I disagree, Rippy. It does not suck to be a reader here in any fashion. Yes, we will miss and mourn Ed. But we all came here, by various and diverse means, to discover Ursula and her creations, and we are all better for the experience.


  19. Karyl says:

    I wager that what Digger knew was that Ed wasn’t going to come out of this in good shape, whether or not she foresaw his death. I love Boneclaw Mother’s direct responses too. This is truly a great work of art in comic genre form.

  20. Gramina says:

    We’re up to 34 now, yay!

    I have to say, my favorite line today hasn’t (unless I missed it) been called out: “I never let anybody use fate as an excuse for incompetence.” (“so take what comfort you can.”)

    Digger used all the available tools and all the available competencies. Was she supposed to defeat all the cold servants in single combat and build a scaffolding out of their bones??? While SGV sat and watched, perhaps, offering the occasional tip on cleaning? Realism is usually her long suit — I hope she’ll realize this soon.

  21. Rowan says:

    @Gramina I agree with you on favorite line.

  22. PerfesserBear says:

    it just occurred to me — after following this webcomic for almost a year — that Digger echoes some of the great epics of all time, notably Gilgamesh. The protagonist meets a disagreeable antagonist, but they come out of their first confrontation great friends, and the former antagonist becomes the hero’s companion and ally on the Quest. Unfortunately, Enkidu didn’t make it out the other end, either.

    I can’t stand people blaming happenstance for their own shortcomings, either. On the other hand, when you did the best you could, whether you achieved the goal or not, accept the results and lose the — um — Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking.


  23. Azure says:

    Boneclaw Mother just gets more awesome with each appearance.

  24. PO8 says:

    Perfesser Bear: So thanks for spoiling Gilgamesh for me… 🙂

  25. smjjames says:

    @wombat32: I don’t think she ever learned Eds real name.

    Also, isn’t Grim Eyes actually Eds daughter? The timing fits (18 years or so, and Grim Eyes is about that age I think) and there were some other hints as well. I don’t remember where the hints are or what they were, but they are there.

  26. Nimras says:

    I think after 4,000 some years the spoiler tags can be left off…. 😛

    I love how we’re getting to see more of Boneclaw Mother.

  27. Lurkie says:

    I just voted — Digger is at 32. Remember to vote!

    I’ve gotta add my voice to the chorus of praise for Boneclaw Mother. She’s magnificent. “I never let anybody use fate as an excuse for incompetence, so take what comfort you can.” What a wonderful line. You did your best, Digger, so don’t be so quick to blame yourself. Though we all do, at some time or another. If I had only… There must have been something… Yeah, we all go there, sooner or later. But I think that for Ed, this was a triumph. He had a name, he freed the spirit of He-Is from torment, and he destroyed (or at least banished) Sweetgrass Voice. So raise a toast to Ed, and remember him as the friend and hero that he was.

  28. Kinto_M says:

    “Is long road, Mousie, is many turnings. It … could have done many, many things. It is having seventeen years, long and long, to think of the things it could have done!” – Ed

    What’s done is done. Dwelling on what might have been never helped anyone. *sigh* Poor Digger.

  29. Digger is at 30 now, and she looks sad, exhausted, and angry at herself in all one shot.

  30. WafflesToo says:

    Of course she is; she always is whenever something goes wrong. Grim Eyes (bless her thick little heart?… liver? One of them) told her as much at the mountain pass after the accident.

  31. Paul says:

    Just great work, and one of my very favorite stories indeed.

  32. Jassius says:

    Just Boneclaw mother… *groan* I don’t want her to comfort me if I am ever depressed, but I want her beside me if ever a polititian asks me about his work in front of the cameras.

    smjjames said:
    “@KHGV: Yea, I agree with you, but if Ursula wanted to end that character, then theres not much stopping her. ”

    Well, for a comic character this qualifies as [i]a lot of *fate* involved[/i] 😉

  33. The_Rippy_One says:

    We’re up to 29. Keep on pushing!

    @Tek : True, though I’m going to go with Buddha on this one – having the joy of this comic means having the pain of this comic ending. Plus Ed died (in an epic fashion which was very well written and Ursula rocks for doing it, but it still hurts).

  34. Allie Lewis says:

    We’re at 28 now!
    @Kinto: Beautiful way of putting it. Really, beautiful. That’s exactly right.

  35. Wolf says:

    Of course, Boneclaw Mother imparts another bit of wisdom. And as to Ed’s name, I have always wondered what it was, and I think that it was Skinpainter. (I’m just following the logic of the story. There’s Grimeyes, Boneclaw Mother, and a few other names.) Another reason I think it that way is that Ed told Digger about how he was exiled from his home and had his name eaten.

  36. TekServer says:

    @Rippy: Good point indeed, and I agree.
    I maintain, however, that “hurts” and “sucks”, while not mutually exclusive, are very different things. A really well written story can twist your heart this way and that until, by the end of it, you are exhausted, having experienced no small amount of pain and heartache along the way during the angsty parts. But at the same time, the experience did not “suck” in any way and you wouldn’t change a thing if you could.

    Anyhoo, I think we’re on the same page (figuratively as well as literally 😉 ), and I’m just giving in to my pedantic side and arguing semantics (as I am all too wont to do) …


  37. jaynee says:

    “can twist your heart”
    I’ve just been at a reading of Ivan Smith’s “Death of a Wombat”, which I am ashamed to say that I’d never heard or read before (every Australian should), and during it all I was thinking of you guys. And trying to not cry in public. If you ever see a copy, find a private place and read it. It’s a harrowing and wonderfully descriptive rendering of an Australian bushfire.
    I was trying to find a copy of it online, and failed, but did find this, which cheered me up a bit:

  38. Rhio2k says:

    Fate can’t be defeated with a scaffolding, but it can damn well be confounded for a time by one.