November 9th, 2010


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  1. Jiyambi says:

    Digger in that picture makes my heart ache 🙁

  2. Lunah says:

    Aww, the skins look concerned.
    Oh, wait. Ed.
    Oh no.

  3. Bwee says:

    I want to pat her. 🙁

    –Hey, shining scarab! I hope one of the lizards doesn’t suggest skinning Ed so she can take him home in a more convenient package.

  4. Terry says:

    If they do anything with Ed there are going to be /WORDS/…

  5. BarGamer says:

    You have to consider, to the Skin Lizards, this is a mark of RESPECT.

  6. kest says:

    And that Ed might well agree to it being a sign of respect

  7. Crocuta says:

    Great description of the “rest” you get after very bad things happen. You are a master with words.

  8. di'Taykan says:

    First reaction: Yay, skins!
    Second reaction: Oh shit.

    I… don’t know about them taking Ed’s skin. I mean, they love their skins and treat them marvelously, so Ed would be well cared for. My main concern is that they’ll try to take Digger’s skin, right now. While she’s asleep and vulnerable.

  9. Rivalyn says:

    @ di’Taykan: She’s ‘dozing’ which is not so heavy as sleep. I suspect that anything they might do, they’ll wake her up before they can do her harm.

    However, Ed did give them their new purple ink. Perhaps they will write his name in this ink…

  10. KiyaraSabel says:

    As a taxidermist myself, I’m okay with Ed being honored by the skins, I’m sure he’d appreciate it as a skin painter himself.

    Also, Digger had better take a bite of his liver in remembrance.

    Ah Hyena-logic. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and a home, even when my human logic feels nauseous.

  11. Robin Bobcat says:

    Bug on stick! Bug. On. Stick!

  12. Lord the 22nd says:

    The following conversation will no doubt be interesting.

  13. Coelacanth says:

    Not really surprised to see the lizards. I kept thinking after last two pages if the skins will do anything about poor Ed……and I’m not sure which I would prefer……

  14. Barry says:

    Forget tunnel 17. Remember comic 34!

    If Digger’s only dozing, there’s nothing the skins to do to her, short of poison darts from a distance.

  15. Fluteman Dan says:

    There is nothing for Ed on the surface but a pyre.

  16. JewelWolf says:

    They will be respectful, and Ed will make a good skin. They will make Ed into the best skin that they can, and that’s all they can do, and all I can ask them to do.

  17. BlueAloe says:

    Digger’s description in the first panel makes my heart ache. It’s so true…

  18. Hunter says:

    I wonder how the skins are going to react…and she’s not taking Ed with her? I would.

  19. Blob says:

    Weird as it is, I think the skins represent the best option for Ed’s remains. They respect Ed’s skills and his art. If they took his skin, it would give him the sort of legacy that people seek to leave after their death. If Digger takes him up to the surface, however, he’d be just The Eaten (I’m getting the feeling that hyena traditions don’t really bend that easily). He’ll be forgotten once Digger moves on. The skins, on the other hand, might tell the story of the Great Skin Painter who came to their world and drove away the cold ones.

  20. The_Rippy_One says:

    BIG THOUGHT – If the Skins wore skins so the Cold Ones wouldn’t eat/kill them, do they still need to? Or are we about to see the transition from practical to dogma?

    The tribe may or may not want his liver – though “certain” parties are going to argue against it…Digger will have /WORDS/ for them on that matter.

    The Skins skinning Ed…I’m not sure Digger has the capacity to be rational at the moment, period, let alone on respecting other culture’s respectful traditions…this could get unfortunate.

  21. Mani says:

    I strongly doubt that Digger’s going to be hauling a corpse back up to the surface, even/especially that of a good friend, so the Skin-Lizards’ ritual might be the only burial rites that Ed can get by now.

    Awesome tying together.

    So, that’s a glowing beetle, on a stick? Cool.

  22. Hawk says:

    Digger’s posture makes me want to kneel beside her and hold her.

    Not the good kind of sleep, indeed.

  23. Twitching says:

    Let’s be honest. Digger is about as stubborn as they come, and if she decides that the best thing to do is get Ed back to the surface in one piece, she will find a way.

  24. Chip Uni says:

    What would Ed have wanted?

    I think that Ed would be honored that his skin be painted with his purple dye, and be kept in a place of honor.

    And Digger should definitely ask them for Ed’s liver, to be brought to the surface…

  25. Jassius says:

    Interesting how the skins never wanted to go anywere near the god and the cold servants but they finally did, possibly to know about the fate of these two. I also recall some sort of agrement from the skins about not hurting Digger, so I don’t see a big problem there.

    Ed’s skin, on the other hand… Anyway I was thinking Digger may have to willingly partake on Ed’s liver feast, so just figure 🙄
    I mean, even knowing it will make her ill, sick and nauseous and will have her stay some days at the hag’s place. But as part of the hyena clan and Ed’s friend she is in debt with him to that at least.

  26. WorkingVolition says:

    Wait a second. How is he holding that stick? the skins only have, like, two or three fingers. And in the picture it looks as if his whole hand has wrapped completely around that stick. What gives? Is that natural, or is Ursula just being lazy?

  27. TekServer says:

    I don’t really think Digger’s ability to haul Ed to the surface is in question. After all, she dragged Murai to the surface (from almost this very spot), and by appearance Ed doesn’t really seem to be that much bigger than Murai.

    Mind you, I’m not necessarily saying that Digger will drag Ed to the surface, only that she can. I have no idea what will happen next, in all honesty. But I look forward to finding out!


  28. Poor Wandering one says:

    I vote that “Glowing bug on a stick” becomes the central character in Ms. Vernon’s next webcomic.

    As far as Ed’s body there is nothing stopping Digger or Digger and help from hauling it to the surface. Heck once things calm down topside Ed’s tribe could haul up and eat the entire body of the god.

    Now that would be one heck of a wake.

  29. Fluteman Dan says:

    The tribe eats a hunter`s body to return her strenght to it,but since male hyenas are the inferior sex wouldn`t they have separate funerary rites?

  30. Catmom says:

    Working Volition: the skins have two fingers and a thumb, perfect for holding the glowing beetle on the end of a stick! I wonder why they aren’t still afraid of the cold servants – – – or did their concern for Digger and Ed overcome their fears?

    I want to know where the kingfisher went. Is Ed’s body even still there…

  31. Blood and Shale really does say it all doesn’t it?

  32. fixman88 says:

    Uh-oh, now what’s gonna happen? *hugs Digger*

  33. Wafflestoo says:

    Blood and shale… I am seriously considering stopping reading for a few weeks until my own emotions settle down a bit.

    Stupid, childish, and silly as it is I can’t deny just how badly losing Ed is impacting me.

  34. Maureen says:

    Art is supposed to stir up your thoughts and feelings, thus providing catharsis. It’s a lot like how dreams apparently stir up and store away our thoughts and feelings from the day. So no, it’s not stupid, childish, or silly to have strong feelings about a fictional character’s death. It’s a mark of the artist’s skill, and of your own strong feelings about life in general. If you’ve lost someone, or if you think you will, it’s not difficult to see that those strong feelings could be attaching themselves to a sad story.

    That said, there’s also nothing wrong with taking a break. But comfort often comes along with a story’s resolution, so you may want to come back after a few more panels have accumulated.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  35. Tindi says:

    On the one hand, I agree that the Skins would treat Ed’s skin with respect, and Ed seemed to find kindred spirits in them. On the other, I really, REALLY want to see Boneclaw Mother making the whole tribe eat Ed’s liver. I have to say, I’m not sure which one is “right” right now.

  36. Madam Atom says:

    @Tindi: … whereas I’ve been having visions of Digger carrying back just Ed’s liver (because the whole body is large and heavy and possibly skinned), presenting it to the tribe, being told that Ed doesn’t get a funeral because he was Eaten and/or because he was male, and sitting down to eat the whole bleeping thing herself–obligate herbivorism notwithstanding–because it’s Ed, dammit.

    I wonder if anyone would help.

  37. Wafflestoo says:

    @ Maureen – Then it did it really well. I feel as if somebody very real in my life were gone. I need to see how the story ends of course, but the nature of the media puts that four or five weeks in the future.

    @ Madam Atom – I’m expecting a really big fight over that very point.

    I wonder how Ed’s brother is going to take the news of his death?

  38. Ravenswing says:

    Boy, I know about the dozing and grief bit. When my beloved cat of 20 years died, I collapsed like a marionette with the strings cut. I’d been awake for 50 hours and near to went into a coma.

  39. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    “After great pain, a formal feeling comes…”
    – Emily Dickinson

    Am I alone in wondering whether – now that the erstwhile He-is is properly dead – that She-is might consider electing a new consort? Apotheosis, anyone? 7@=e

  40. Hawk says:

    @ Wafflestoo: I too am finding it very hard to get past Ed’s death. I think that if you *weren’t* at least a little moved by that, something is wrong with you! But I find that reading the comics as they come provides a kind of steadying feeling. The comic goes on – just as life goes on, even when we grieve. Sometimes it seems unfair that the sun should still shine, and birds still sing, when we feel so grey and empty in our hearts. It seems unfair that children can laugh and play when we feel that we never will again. But I have found in the past, and am finding again, that sharing the pain helps. It doesn’t make it go away. But it eases the weight of it, so that it does not crush us.

  41. WafflesToo says:

    @ Hawk: Thanks, it actually helps knowing I’m not the only one that’s kinda a mess over it. Thankfully my fiance is a librarian and is quite familiar with what I’m going through… But I think I’ll be waiting until AFTER work to stop in and check the latest page.

    …man it was a LOOOOOOONG day. Thankfully I was able to tell a coworker that the diesel fumes were why my eyes were red.

  42. John the Wysard says:

    @Madam Atom: I wonder if anyone would help

    I’ve been a vegetarian for forty years… and I would.

    And I didn’t like liver even when I did eat meat!

  43. BunnyRock says:

    @Madam Atom: we’ll, I’ve long since killed of my last vestigial dietary taboos. Count me in. but first, I think Digger needs a hug.

    Also chaps and chapesses, I’m launching a site that will include, amongst other things, a fans of Digger section for discussions, fan art and the inevitable fan-fic as soon as I can work out WordPress so watch this space, but in the mean time does anyone know a relatively troll-free environment where I could put up a tribute and some fan-fic? Answers on a postcard.

  44. TekServer says:

    @BR: Feel free to include a link to my facepalm count, if you want. It’s not fancy, but it’s reasonably comprehensive.
    (You can find the link, as always, under my name.)