October 26th, 2010


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  1. Allie Lewis says:

    Oh no, but Ed….

  2. BarGamer says:

    But, but, ED?!

  3. Jiyambi says:

    Is it sad that when I saw the last cold servant speach bubble, I immediately thought of:

    what is this
    i don’t even


  4. Gyroplast says:

    Beautiful art! Love it! 😀

  5. Rhio2k says:

    I would’ve literally rolled on the floor laughing if that had come up.

  6. JewelWolf says:

    Take everything the cold servents are saying and replace “master” with “Ed” and that’s what I’m feeling.

  7. fixman88 says:

    What about Ed? Is he ok? *hopes for Thursday*

  8. Madam Atom says:

    Easiest background ever! Props for making that NOT feel like a cheat.

    *crosses fingers for Ed*

  9. Fluteman Dan says:

    This does not send me to work at the post office in a good mood.

  10. AngelicDirt says:

    Ah. That explains the lack of glowstick. And so long as Ed had some nice, strong warrior tea before this, Digger can probably smell her way to him.

    *still crossing her fingers* … :S

  11. abb3w says:

    The artwork seems a little easier with the lights out….

  12. Sabreur says:

    You added this page after everyone started asking “Ed?”, didn’t you?

  13. Karyl says:

    Good call, Digger–follow but not too closely, and then go your own way appropriately.

  14. The_Rippy_One says:

    @Jiyambi: I did that, too…and it would have fit the situation…but it’s probably better this way…

    To build on what Madam Atom said, I like how you can tell there are 2 panels here, even though we can’t see them.

  15. amethyst42 says:


  16. Gramina says:

    I’m guessing that Ed — breath knocked out of him, alone in full darkness, and surrounded by mummified god-heart — is understandably quiet. But essentially *FINE.*

    Got that????

    F. I. N. E.

    *looks sternly at the Author.*

  17. Exindiv says:

    “Good luck with that. I’ll be over here.” For me this translates to: that’s nice, dear, but I’m going to stand outside the immanent disaster zone.

  18. iburns says:

    F.I.N.E? You know what Fine stands for don’t you? Freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional.

    So yes, that’s probably a good description of ANYONE’s state of mind when they’re sitting in the middle of a giant squashed chicken heart of doom, surrounded by crazy cave hyenas in metal bird suits after confronting an angry demon from the depths of their own mythology.

  19. I strongly feel that the only way this could have been better. would have been making the second part of the speech bubble “What is this?” read “I don’t even” Instead.

    It would add +2 internets.

    I mean, it would still work story wise, but it would add extra depth to the internet nerds like the rest of us.

  20. Niall says:


    …dagnabbit Ursulaaaaaaaaaaargh

  21. Jassius says:

    Someone else is wondering if Ursula is planning on going back to the story on the surface just now?? :O

  22. 13yaroza says:

    @Jassius i think this is about to happen >.< Love the comic! cant wait for more!

  23. Nicole B says:

    @Gramina Do you mean F.I.N.E. to mean Freaked-out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional, or is this a way to attempt to sway the story in our favor? 😛

  24. Sage says:

    You are deliberately toying with us, aren’t you?

  25. mamculuna says:


    Please, Ed?

  26. hat_eater says:

    1st time commenter, v.long time reader. Folks, did you notice that the parts of Digger are worded like a diary? Digger who at the time of writing knew very well what became of Ed? Digger who doesn’t sound upset at all?
    Of course I could be wrong, but if this is the case I hope to be spectacularly wrong.

  27. Kayru says:

    “What is this – what do I”

    As soon as I saw that I thought… it would be so awesome if Ursula put in “what is this – I don’t even”

  28. Tindi says:

    Oh good. So I wasn’t the only one that answered what is an AWESOME page with “But… but… ED?”

    That being said, it is quite awesome and I still feel sorry for the cave hyenas in bird masks. 🙁

  29. Mana Gement says:

    I have confidence in our Illustrious Author. The outcast only becoming Real in the act of dying to benefit the hero is a tired trope and totally beneath her. Right? *arms crossed* Right?

  30. Steve says:

    It’s HER story. Would you all please just let her tell it in her way and in her time?

  31. Gramina says:

    Nicole — I *meant* it for emphasis — but your first description might well suit Ed in the current circumstance. (I suspect it would suit me, if I were in Ed’s position!)

  32. Hypothetical Woman says:

    There is nothing Digger can do for Ed up there, she’s trying to get DOWN to him. Right? He’ll be FINE. Of course he will.

  33. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    “Move along, move along – nothing to see here….” 7@=Q

  34. WafflesToo says:

    I have a really bad feeling about Ed

  35. Pythe says:

    Please let Ed be okay!
    Does anyone else remember the Oracular Slug saying “Break the chain”?

  36. Claire says:

    You guys. Ed is fine. This is not the kind of story where someone as universally beloved as Ed would die.
    (Ursula isn’t George R. R. Martin…)

    So, Ed is fine. I do suspect we’ll soon be tossed back up to the surface though.

  37. Otookee says:

    I love the fact that Digger is being habitually polite to the opponents she was bonking with a pickaxe just a few minutes ago. Yep, that’s our wombat, all right.

  38. Lilacsofthedead says:

    Is it weird that I feel really sorry for the Cold Servants now?

  39. BunnyRock says:

    Damn! Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn DAMN BLOODY DAMN!

    I HATE myself! I hate my nasty little plot-device analysing mind. I just had a mental flash to what i think the next page will be! I just had a mental flash to what i think the next page will be and I can’t bloody stand it! Ursula! I’ve only just forgiven you for page 318!

    ..and If I this sudden flash of foresight also proves right I’ll…I’ll… i’ll STILL by friends and relatives copes of your work for Christmas, but I won’t feel as happy about it!

    I just had a mental image of digger, in the half light of the cave, possibly the lightering, flat candesance of a glowstick, approaching the ghastly wreckage of the heart, with Ed lying motionless in a heap atop it ad asking

    Digger: “Ed?”

    And getting back the reply

    Black Speech Bubble: “Ed’s not here right now, Dirt Rat!”

    After all, as far as we know SGV always needs a living host…

    Ursula… if you engineer a situation where Digger has to mercy-kill Ed, I will not be amused. Impressed, true, and I’ll remember it forever as one of the best bitter-sweet ending in any fiction ever… but I won’t be happy, if that’s the word.

  40. Ed had a nice squishy heart to fall on to. He’s fine. He’s also smart. He’s probably doing his best sneak and don’t let anyone know where you are move. He probably has a really high sneak score.

    Oh other Digger relate works, My wife just bought me Nurk for my birthday. I haven’t gotten very far, and I won’t tell you where for any of those who might think that I’m spoiling the plot for other potential readers.

  41. Jassius says:

    Did you get any postal studies to get a certification as evil plot designer or something?
    Blink.. blink…

  42. rueyeet says:

    I will freely admit I am not cool enough to get the “I don’t even” reference. I’d Google it but I’m not sure whether this is one of those things I don’t want to know…

    I -hope- Ed is okay, but given that he’s an obviously tragic figure, I’m not at all sure about that.

  43. Fluteman Dan says:

    This luddite just got his first pc last xmas.I need to google references nearly every day.Most of them seem to involve rule 34.Just finished my 2nd read through including comments.My only regret is not discovering Digger sooner.I will miss new episodes when the epic ends.Can`t see how loose ends with Jahlm and Murai can be settled in just a few days though.

  44. Nivm says:

    @BunnyRock: You’re close, but that situation is an uncertain one, if it comes to pass at all. Just remember (everything!); a god dieing is not the same thing as a human dieing. What does it mean on a spiritual level? What does the Death tarot card really signify when drawn?

  45. Octane says:

    “what is this”
    “i don’t even”

  46. BunnyRock says:

    @Jassius: Boadly, yes, but I learnt online, rather than postal. The school was called “TV Tropes”, although I must say my pre-existing education in the “everyone dies” school of children’s fiction of the 80’s and 90’s helped this mind-set.

    fecking Animals of Farthing Wood. Between that, Duncton Wood, The Silver Tide, Redwall, Animorphs and good old WD I never stood a chance.

  47. Mana Gement says:

    @rueyeet “what is this – i don’t even” is a stock phrase in some Internet-English communities, like “How are you doing,” or “That’s the way it goes” are in spoken American-English.

    “what is this – i don’t even” is an intensified form of “what” (without a question mark but sometimes with a period). Both signal shock, confusion, and possibly dismay, disbelief, or ridicule. “What? Are you kidding? No. You’ve got to be kidding. That’s insane,” would be a pretty close translation.