September 16th, 2010


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  1. tmk says:

    Why start what? Knowing what she’s doing? o_O

  2. jomiller says:

    First! Always wanted to say that. Great work! I think the last update is my favorite one yet. Glad to see it kept going and didn’t switch gears.

  3. jaynee says:

    Second! Almost as good. Great to draw back and see the spatial relationship between the contenders.

  4. Valerian says:

    Squelch! Ewwwww

  5. Sondre says:

    “Ed is hoping Digger-mousie knows what is doing!”
    “Why start now?”
    That’s brilliant! (I lol’d. No, really.)
    And http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx

  6. Robin Bobcat says:

    Fifth! . . . What, it doesn’t work that way?

    But yes. Knowing what’s going on and what to do about it is a fine thing, but having the ability to ‘wing it’ as needed is awesome.

  7. Tosxychor says:

    Sixth! :p
    @Robin – And to think wombats are such careful planners… this kind of talent for improvisation might never have shown up back at home.

  8. Bartimaeus says:

    Well. Looks like this is it.

  9. replacement sparrow says:

    Interesting that it may be Ed who strikes the fatal blow to the god’s heart when he has already been so profoundly affected by it and the culture it helped establish.

    Do you suppose that a Hyena equivalent of Feminism would naturally develop a name like Masculinism?

  10. Jassius says:

    Seems she is getting a little cranky right now. And yet…
    “Ed is a little afraid of heighs”
    “Nah! Forget it. Now you only have to jump that bottomless dark as hell pit with that heavy crowbar. There will be rather-small-hopefully-half-fossilized but maybe still slippery-with-bloody-goo-trobling-god’s heart for you to land on”

  11. Rhio2k says:

    Digger’s winging it like you wouldn’t believe…

  12. JewelWolf says:

    Be brave, Ed! You can do it! It’s only killing the god you worship in order to destroy an ancient evil. No pressure though.
    Oh my gosh I haven’t been able to see this comic in the morning in sooooo long. I was afraid I’d stop posting on it.

  13. Blob says:

    You know, since we’re still not switching back to Jhalm, it may be that we’re not going to. I wonder if Jhalm and Bone Claw Mother will show up, with the hyenas and the Veiled in tow, in a last minute, Big Dern Heroes moment….

  14. Hawk says:

    The heart does look really…gooey.

    I have run out of fingernails to bite! I must start nibbling on something else to relieve the stress of waiting!!!!

  15. The_Rippy_One says:

    @Blob: Only for it to ruined by Digger and Ed having already won…

  16. Azure says:

    I wonder, can the cold servants survive a fall from that height?

  17. Karyl says:

    Poor Ed! To be expected to jump or climb down to excise the chain from the heart–wouldn’t it be easier to just cut the heart free?? ICK! I don’t like any of these options.

  18. BunnyRock says:

    13th! Yay! That’s bound to be lucky!

    *keels over*

    @Blob: I don’t know… I can feel a Big Damn Heroes moment coming along…


    … although now that I think of it I’m not sure if that’s a good thing would a blind old lady, a mentally-ill teenager, a deranged lawful neutral Inspector Javert proxy and a bunch of angry, armed hyenas plus angry armed humans who may be very bad at recognising which hyenas are on which side really help matters? To be fair, we are in dire risk of getting a Big Darn Heroes pile-up: First the veiled and The People, then Surka and the Trolls (who may not be aware that they are NOT supposed to attack the veiled and visa versa) followed by Shadolescent and possibly demonic back-up (who I’m sure the veiled will just LOVE). I believe the appropriate military term is polity rendered as “Charlie Foxtrot”

    Also on an unrelated note, I really wish I had discovered Digger before TV tropes, them my Troper Name could be BunnyRock. My current name DeVos is okay… but really… Having a Digger reference as your TvTropes handle? That’s the sort of geek-cred money can’t buy.

    @ Hawk: Toenails!… what?

  19. rueyeet says:

    One would hope poor Murai’s whole “destiny” thing might play into this somehow; she’s been upstaged by a wombat enough times now.

    Though if calvary there must be, I don’t really care who/what it is, long as it gets there in time.

  20. Madam Atom says:


    “Deranged lawful neutral Inspector Javert proxy” is an awesome summation, even though I’m not so sure about the deranged bit.

    “Humans who may be very bad at recognising which hyenas are on which side”–but they’re Color Coded for Your Convenience (speaking of TV Tropes); not literally colors in this case, but Bird Mask & Robe = evil, Mostly Naked = ally, and I doubt the cold servants would have both the presence of mind and the time to strip.

  21. I didn’t realize we were that close to the heart yet. I knew we were close, but not, you know, jump on the heart, close. When ever I hear the term cold ones it makes me think of beer. So now when anyone tries to offer me a cold one I have to think twice before I say yes. You never know when you might say yes to something and suddenly be swarmed by a bunch of murderous, masked, hyena.

  22. the dark ferret says:

    It seems to me that a knife would really be more useful to Ed than a crowbar at this point. The heart is muscle, and it will cut much more easily with a knife than that crowbar will separate steel…

  23. itsasafi says:

    just looking at that heart…i feel so horrible for He Is…for the state he’s in and everything he’s been through.

  24. BunnyRock says:

    @Madam Atom: “and I doubt the cold servants would have both the presence of mind and the time to strip.”

    Only in fanfic, Madam Atom, Only in fanfic.

    @itsasafi.. yeah, really puts the mercy into the whole mercy-kill thing when you realise he’s been like that for twelve-thousand years, unable to die and presumably at least partly self-aware.

    Oh and @ Duckwhisperer: I love that! I can just picture you offered a “cold one” at a beach party (My anthropological investigation into the USA via your advertising seems to indicate that you spend a good 40% of your time at beach parties, and unlike the UK unattractive people do not exist, whereas here you can’t even escape them in advertising: the fact my experiences of visiting the USA do not tally with this is no reason to doubt the advertising: I could just have seen the US on an “off” week, or given that I was fourteen and we only went to Orlando, they could have all been hiding in the Disney-character suits.) and saying “well… alright, but it had better be a beer and not be a bunch of murderous, masked, hyenas who are going to jump out and swamp me on orders from their demonic overlord: I’m not falling of that one again!”

  25. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    Let’s hope that chain is dwarf-forged, and not wombat-forged: otherwise, it might be too solidly engineered to pry loose…… 7@=Q

  26. Attic Rat says:

    The quickest way into one’s heart–with a crowbar!

    Two things we’ve all heard before, but not together.

  27. Meteorfire says:

    Heck, if he lands on that thing right, he’ll probably yank it right OUT of the chain and end up crashing to the floor with no crowbar necessary!

    Also, I seriously doubt Digger knows what she’s doing, other than winging it out of sheer desperation and hoping it works because, HELLO, BAD GUYS RIGHT THERE.

  28. Madam Atom says:

    @Lucius Appaloosuis: No, wombats know that sometimes circumstances change and you’ve gotta undo what got done, even if it was good work. Dwarf-made stuff will fall apart on its own after a few centuries. Wombat-made stuff will come apart with a good application of elbow grease. 🙂

  29. gwennan says:

    Actually, I don’t think either dwarves or wombats were responsible for chaining the heart up there…it wouldn’t have been part of the original design for binding the god. Wasn’t it placed there so that it could be mechanically palpated by the team of ex-skin lizards?

  30. Barry says:

    Orlando? You must have just seen the tourists.

  31. LordofAges says:

    So, did no one get the Danger Mouse reference or is it just so obvious no one felt the need to mention it?

  32. Hawk says:

    <3 Danger Mouse

  33. BunnyRock says:

    Yeah, but Ed is EVEN MORE woobie-tactic than Penfold.

  34. Vizzerdrix says:

    Gah! Why is it I always find the good comics so close to the end? Or is it? She has to get home after all, and who knows how long that could take! ^_^