July 22nd, 2010


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  1. poppiesnroses says:

    Despite Boneclaw Mother’s Awesomeness, I yet have the sneaking suspicion that Jhalm is not just going to roll over at that speech.

    He may be mistaken about Digger, but he’s not stupid. Definitely also he will have something up his sleeve.

  2. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    Certainly Jhalm has something up his sleeve…….

    But when it comes to sleeves, BCM probably has a lot more. (Who’s her tailor, by the way?) 7@=Q

  3. KHGV Defenestration says:

    Boneclaw Mother’s objective is to prevent him from pursuing Digger, atleast for as long as is reasonably possible.

    Seeing as she’s sacrificing this golden opportunity to delay, she must be working an angle.

  4. Wolfemann says:

    She’s not sacrificing a golden opportunity to delay – she’s sacrificing *Jhalm’s* golden opportunity to delay. Jhalm is trying to say “go toddle off now, I have a wombat to chase down and stop from doing what has to be done, I’ll deal with you some time on the thirteenth of never.”

    She’s saying “Bub, that dog don’t hunt ’round here. You’re dealing with me, and you’re dealing with me *now*. Now, forget about the wombat and help me over here where I can lay down the law for you and let you save face afterwards, because there’s no way you’ll listen to me if your men can hear what I’ve got to say too.”

  5. aqua says:

    just read through the archive, am so bookmarking this comic.

    bone mother is awesome. a delicious mix of crazy and competence.

  6. Raxis says:

    Ive got a bad feeling about this…. a realy bad feeling…

  7. Kisame says:

    She’s fast thinking, and good at it. While she pursues one interest she uses a chance to pursue two at once, and she speaks exactly as she thinks and exactly as much as it dosent seem too radical, or too soft. She’s the strongest politican I know, but I rather not think about her that way “shudder”.

  8. Jenora Feuer says:

    Well, yes, this is an opening move of sorts… showing more of your hand than is usually done, in hopes of making your opponent stop to wonder what’s coming next. And also giving him a certain amount of respect by not treating him like a complete fool.

  9. BunnyRock says:

    @Duck Whisperer

    pTerry has gone on record as saying he suspects, that whilst not a showy as Weatherwax, and not a creatively nasty in how she uses it, He’s always thought Nanny Ogg as having more power than Mistress Weatherwax, so i agree with your analysis completely

  10. BunnyRock says:

    Amendment: I’d also like to note that given her mastery of The Thing and her blindness, Miss Treason from Winthersmith would be a good match.